HybridBlock Aims to Change the State of the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrency is a risky investment, often times disheartening especially for those who wants to invest on it – yet do not exactly know where to start. There are trading places or coin exchanges to tap into, yet the learning curve is rather steep – let alone if you also plan to mine on top of learning to use trading platforms. 

HybridBlock is one such company with an aim to provide a solution. It is a Singapore based cryptocurrency trading and education platform with a mission to push cryptocurrency to the masses. Officially launched last April 9th at Hongkong, HybridBlock attracted hundreds of individuals from the media and cryptocurrency industry – allowing them to take a good look at its potential.

By Definition

HybridBlock is an alternative for those who wants to benefit from the explosive growth of cryptocurrencies. That’s with less risk involved and the complexity that usually accompanies digital asset trading. It is simply aiming to be an efficient and effective way to participate in blockchain trading. HybridBlock is built on the Ethereum blockchain, creating an ecosystem of cryptocurrency buying and trading solutions for novice and expert cryptocurrency traders around the world – with a huge focus on Asia.

Through cutting-edge blockchain technology, HybridBlock is aspiring to revolutionize cryptocurrency education and usage in Asia – which is a market of over 4.4 billion people. HybridBlock’s international team is comprised of technologists, financiers, and well-known entrepreneurs all passionate about providing the best user experience within the cryptocurrency market.

How Does HybridBlock Work?

HybridBlock is technically a trading and educational platform with four interconnected modules. These are the Central, Basetrade, Exchange and the Terminal Modules. All four works seamlessly with each other and plays a major role into putting HybridBlock in the map.

The HybridCentral module is the homebase for learning about cryptocurrency. It will guide traders through a gamified educational experience to explain the basics of blockchain terminology and help purchase and trade cryptocurrencies. Central also offer opportunities to develop blockchain-based skills, and facilitate participation in the global blockchain community. Basically, it is the homepage and your ladder to learn about cryptocurrencies and trading in one spot.

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After familiarizing your way into blockchains, BaseTrade is the next step to finally put your skills to the test. It is a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a mainstreamed approach. Quickly create your account, verify your information and purchase the most popular cryptocurrencies with just a few clicks. BaseTrade also employs a vast network of customer support specialists so if you’re having any trouble, HybridBlock will answer your call at any time, no matter where you are.

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Already adept? Then the HybridExchange is for you; a web-based trading platform for intermediate users. HybridExchange offers deep order books in several cryptocurrency markets, including critical regions in Asia. The HybridExchange platform also provides smart order routing to select third party exchanges to give you as much flexibility as possible, along with the most competitive prices.

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HybridTerminal is the world’s first downloadable, standalone cryptocurrency trading terminal for advanced traders. Institutions and professionals can access direct routing to almost any destination with low latency execution, featuring an optimized Level II quote messaging system. It provides traders with real-time feeds from all the major exchanges. Think of it as your usual web based terminal but on steroids.

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HybridCentral and BaseTrade alone are already good enough even for skilled traders, providing an engaging approach to cryptocurrency trading with your own pace in mind. Clearly, HybridBlock knows that equipping you first hand with the knowledge to climb the trading ladder is just fitting.

The Hybrid Token

The Hybrid Token plays a pivotal role in powering HybridBlock’s network. Token owners will receive discounted rates, exclusive access to new products and services and even opportunities to invest in future ICO/Token Sales.

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Hybrid tokens at the moment serves three primary functions:

  1. Payment of transaction fees and for all services within the network.
  2. To power the market-efficiency mechanism.
  3. As a tradable cryptocurrency available on the open market.

Hybrid Token is based on Ethereum and is tradable as well. It is also by nature, serving to keep the whole network running smoothly on its own like an oil for a delicate machinery.

The Future

HybridBlock is without a doubt, a game changer in the fast paced, high risk high reward nature of the cryptocurrency industry. Allowing the mainstream to finally learn, buy and trade coins with knowledge as their weapon of choice. An excellent method to introduce everyone to the currency of the future.

Learn more about HybridBlock:

  • Website: https://hybridblock.io/
  • Telegram: https://t.me/HybridBlockHQ
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HybridBlockHQ/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HybridBlockHQ
  • Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbzLOZaEegUfTVBJQeSc0sw

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