NFT projects have increased in popularity lately, at least since Ethereum, the blockchain that most of them are based on, has developed considerably. Given that the Ethereum price reached €1,700 and the cryptocurrency has had a pleasant path this year, the blockchain has also improved, offering investors and developers many more opportunities for creation purposes.

Last year’s NFT projects paved the road for artists to create more unique collections. For example, the Nouns NFT project or the Reddit Collective Avatars were the most appreciated, while the Bored Ape Yacht Club is still going strong since 2021.

Although NFTs are not popular investments, they can help secure blockchains through efficient buying, selling and trading, considerably reducing fraud. For developers, starting an NFT project is also beneficial because the market is supportive. However, the competition can be a challenge.

If you’re interested in creating your own NFT and need inspiration or just want to check the expected NFT projects this year, read along because we’ll present the most awaited ones.

Fight out

As NFTs are more diversified, their creators are aiming to provide more usability and bring out their actual value in industries we’ve never believed we’ll see them included. For example, the Fight Out project is a platform through which users create NFT avatars that will virtually reflect people’s workout progress.

Besides this NFT feature, the platform’s metaverse allows users to interact and connect with other workout members, with which they can keep track of milestones and challenge one another. At the same time, Fight Out has its own currency, REPS, that users can earn by achieving their planned workout session.

This move-to-earn cryptocurrency is based on Ethereum’s blockchain, which makes the platform secure and transparent. Until now, Fight Out started pretty well, with the presale raising over $2 million. Overall, the project is quite promising, and we expect that in 2023 the platform will become more prevalent towards crypto enthusiasts.


Calvaria is a play-to-earn NFT platform that offers ownable NFTs. But what makes this project special is its aim to migrate from Web2 to Web3 gaming. Investors have perceived the potential of this ecosystem, and we expect Calvaria to be a big thing in 2023 since it offers varied games that will keep users entertained.

The platform is among the most outstanding competitors due to its unique features, such as 3D playing availability on mobile devices or a single-player story mode, through which players will be rewarded with cards and upgrades that can be used in other game modes. Calvaria will also soon launch a free-to-play version to attract traditional gamers to the blockchain environment.

Calvaria’s token, $RIA, can be bought to Uniswap and be used to purchase in-game characters for each mode, from Arcilla Divina to Miaquilia. The platform’s maximum fixed supply of 1,000,000,000 $RIA is distributed between staking pools, liquidity and much more to make the ecosystem more efficient.

Lucky Blocks

The Platinum Rollers Club collection from Lucky Blocks is one of the most interesting NFT projects. Initially emerging on the market as an altcoin, the developer team decided to expand its view and launch a collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.

These NFTs are 2D tickets, each with a separate number on the front, but their value is derived from their benefits afforded to owners, which can get to up to $10,000. Among all collectibles, 25 of them are “Rare Editions” that, once owned, will allow the owner to collect double the jackpot.

But the benefits don’t stop here. If you buy NFTs through the Lucky Block platform, you enter the prize draws that include a range of possibilities, from $1m in BTC to a Bored Ape. The Platinum Rollers Club offers lifetime rewards for users who can afford it.

Wen Sandwich

The designer and developer behind the Bored Ape Yacht Club have again made an impression with a new project called Wen Sandwich, a limited edition of NFT collectibles. This platform allows users to create and develop their own NFT-based sandwich art using more than 150 different ingredients. The creator’s purpose was to change the way NFTs are minted, which is why anyone can mint an unlimited number of NFT sandwiches.

The project’s minting has closed, which shows how popular it got in such little time. The solo collection has 1,578 current owners, and almost half of them are unique. You can find the sandwiches on Open Sea and choose the one you like most, or enter the website and mint your own special sandwich. The project is based on the Ethereum blockchain, which contributed to its surge on the market, but the uniqueness of the minting experience is also something new in the crypto sector.

The Uncharted

Uncharted has been drawing a lot of attention recently because it provides real-world returns generated through TradFi, which helps gain more opportunities for Web3 users. The platform describes its experience as an adventure because of its 21,000 NFT collection through which holders can access financial benefits.

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In other words, Uncharted is an investment. The collection is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2023, and developers have blended the financial aspect into an exciting and surreal world by creating chapters to keep users engaged. The first one is called The Southern Ring Nebula, and the following ones up to the fourth are being worked on.

But what truly makes Uncharted unique is the creation of value around collectibles. Based on the performance of the company’s funds, users can earn up to 400% annually by holding these NFTs. But players can also sell their NFTs on OpenSea instead of holding, which encourages investments.

Bottom line

NFTs have become known as something funky and fun to own, but as the trends change, they’re gaining real value and utility. The projects expected to emerge this year and those expected to grow in 2023 prove that NFTs can be used in real life and developed in such a way to take the world by storm.

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