At COMPUTEX 2024, MediaTek announced the integration of NVIDIA TAO with its NeuroPilot SDK, enhancing its edge inference silicon roadmap.

This support simplifies the deployment of edge AI, including Generative AI, across various IoT applications powered by MediaTek’s advanced silicon. This move will help companies leverage edge AI in sectors such as smart retail, manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and smart cities.

MediaTek, which powers over two billion devices annually, offers an edge silicon portfolio that boosts AI performance while ensuring efficiency. Its chipsets cater to all market segments, enabling brands to deliver AI experiences across different price points.

mediatek nvidia tao toolkit neuropilot sdk 2

The integration of NeuroPilot SDK with NVIDIA TAO allows developers to advance Vision AI across all MediaTek devices with a user-friendly interface and performance optimizations.

NVIDIA TAO provides over 100 pretrained models, simplifying AI model tuning and reducing development time, thus accelerating market readiness even for those without deep AI expertise.

For more information, visit MediaTek NeuroPilot SDK.

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