MT5 is an improved version of the 4th generation developed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation trading platform. The terminal was released in 2010, so it has already managed to successfully pass tests in real market conditions.

MetaTrader 5 is widely used for Forex trading. It’s due to easy navigation and the presence of many useful functions. The dealers can download MT5 from the website of almost any brokerage company. However, experts recommend getting the trading terminal only using the trusted broker’s online sources (e.g. This will help keep the trader’s PC safe from being attacked by malware.

Key MetaTrader 5 Benefits

The terminal stands out for its intuitive user interface. The latter provides quick access to the most important trading functions. The downloading, as well as the installing of the platform, takes very little time. The software is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Low MT5 Required System Parameters

The developer offers trading terminal versions for computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux. The software must be installed on a PC with the following minimum specifications:

  • processor – with a frequency of 17 GHz or higher;
  • storage – at least 50 MB free drive space;
  • RAM – 256 MB or more.

The platform is compatible with all popular browsers (Opera, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, as well as Internet Explorer).

Other MetaTrader 5 Advantages

The software has a wide menu of charting functions. This makes it possible to analyze the current stock exchange situation more deeply. Among other advantages of MT5, it’s worth noting:

  • convenient management of many long message chains — thanks to this, the trader won’t get confused by lots of correspondences;
  • high protection level — user personal information and ongoing transactions are encrypted using advanced digital security protocols;
  • availability of electronic advisors — the robots send notifications with advice when necessary during the trading process;
  • ability to install add-ons — it significantly expands the MT5 functionality.

The developer has produced a large number of the trading terminal language versions. Therefore, the dealers from different countries can use the software in their mother tongue.

MetaTrader versions 4 and 5 Compare

Among the advantages of MT5 over the software previous version, it’s worth marking:

  • Market depth — it is almost non-functional and rarely used MT4 function. And in MT5, the option has been turned into a full-fledged trading tool.
  • More perfect check system — backtest statistics have been extended and the multi-currency feature has also been appended to the MetaTrader 5 tester.
  • Order counting system — the clearing scheme has been annexed to MT5. So, now only one order is displayed on the diagram. It’s the average all active position’s cost of one asset. Because of that, the traders don’t need to follow a large transaction number.
  • More timeframes — several non-standard time intervals have been added to Metatrader 5. In MT4, the issue is solved by installing an additional script.

Additionally, the technical analysis has been upgraded in MT5. The main indicator number has been increased. In MT4, the traders add new indication elements manually. There are also two additional pending orders called Buy/Sell Stop Limit.

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