Smart home devices have gained immense popularity for a reason, but a smart sprinkler controller may not be a priority gadget for some. But if you’re still using a mechanical or an electronic timer for your sprinkler system, switching it out for a smarter option would really make your life much easier.

Not familiar with what advanced sprinkler technology can do?  We highlight their functions here.

Weather Awareness

Anyone with a sprinkler system knows how annoying it is when the sprinkler goes off even when it’s raining. And even if you know what the weather’s going to be like, you still need to go out there yourself and flip off the sprinkler. It’s either a waste of water or a waste of your energy.

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But with a smart controller, you won’t have to worry about any of that. It’s aware of the weather forecast, so if it rains, the sprinklers won’t even be turned on. Whatever your water schedule is for the day, the controller can easily change that depending on what the weather is like.

Convenient Controls

Advanced sprinkler technology involves using an app, making it extremely convenient for anyone who uses a mobile phone. Once you have the app downloaded on your phone, you just need to connect the sprinkler to your Wi-Fi and it’s ready to go.

Depending on the controller you buy, apps are usually intuitive. They offer you a bunch of options and functions, including setting up the watering schedules and providing zone details so your controller could save more water.

Some models are also compatible with Alexa or Google Assistant, giving you more convenience with voice control.

Smart Scheduling Options

If you’re having a hard time deciding the times and days for watering, smart sprinkler systems can also do that for you. By entering details about your yard such as soil type, zones, and plant types, the system can create its own watering schedule from scratch.

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This is incredibly helpful for people who don’t want to decide when to water and for how long. If you do have personal preferences, you can incorporate those changes and the app will work around it.

For those who are not avid gardeners, smart scheduling helps a lot. You may actually want to heed the advice of the app, particularly because this technology uses a set of metrics to optimize the entire watering system.

Based on the details you provide, the controller can split up the schedule into shorter segments for maximum water absorption to prevent runoff. It can also calculate how fast the water will evaporate from the soil.

Final Words

Incorporating advanced sprinkler technology into your existing system will definitely change the way you water your plants. Smart functions such as automated watering schedules, app controls, weather awareness, and voice control offer extreme convenience.

The best part about this modern tech is you wouldn’t have to worry much about the watering chores anymore because everything will be done for you.  Overall, it’s a small investment that’s worth considering.

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