MSI, one of the leading hardware brands, launches a promotion to mark the new launch product of 10 gen Intel processors, MSI 400 series motherboard and MAG CORELIQUID series.

MSI offers up to $140 of steam prize on the purchase of its products in certain combination including Intel 10th Gen Core processor, MSI 400 series motherboard, MAG CORELIQUID series and MSI specified chassis series. The promotion kicks off June 16, 2020 and concludes August 31, 2020.

MSI Z490 Combo Deal PR 1

Refill your Steam wallet

Let MSI help you dominating the field. With MSI selected product combos, your rig will have the best performance plus up to $140 steam code giveaways. Everyone can be the overclocking. For the more information, please visit MSI promotion page.

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