MSI at COMPUTEX 2023 shows off their latest monitor offerings, ranging from gaming, business and productivity models. One of the stand out models here is the Modern MD271UL monitor, featuring a sleek look and productivity oriented features.

Modern MD271UL

The MD271UL has been announced a month ago before COMPUTEX but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve the attention. It sports a minimalistic design which is appropriate for the Modern Series of MSI productivity monitors. It also comes with an aluminum base to complete the look.

MSI Monitors COMPUTEX 2023 7

Specification wise, the Modern MD271UL comes with a 27″ 4K IPS panel. Coverage is 99% DCI-P3, 95% AdobeRGB and 139% sRGB respectively so you are coverage for content creation.

MSI Monitors COMPUTEX 2023 1

Another aspect about the MD271UL that I also like is its dedication for user friendliness, connectivity and ergonomics – despite its limitations. That includes the addition of its I/O ports, more specifically the PD capable USB Type-C cable. It also comes with a built-in eye check – something you’d usually see as a part of a diagnostic test from an eye care professional.

Modern MD272QXPW Productivity Monitor

Yet another head turner is the Modern MD272QXPW. Basically, this model is the higher-end brother of the MD272QP that we have reviewed a while ago. This productivity display retained everything the older brother has but comes with a higher refresh rate at 100 Hz and a true 10-bit WQHD IPS panel. It is also DisplayHDR 400 certified.

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MSI also redesigned the OSD navigation which is now located at the rear-right side of the display as opposed to below (MD272QP). Sadly, it still is not joystick operated but everything about it is a step forward.

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PRO MP161 Portable Touch Monitor

The PRO MP161 is MSI’s attempt to enter the portable display scene. This 15.6 inch IPS panel equipped display is made for on-the-go productivity, featuring dual USB Type-C ports and a Mini HDMI port. It also comes with a stereo speaker and a weight of 750 grams. That’s cherry topped by its ~1 cm-ish profile.

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Project 491C QD OLED

The Project 491C returns (from CES) at COMPUTEX 2023. This is an award winning super ultrawide gaming monitor featuring a QD OLED Panel with a 240 Hz refresh rate. We don’t know much about it but we could tell it has USB Type-C interface for your Intel Thunderbolt capable device. The panel is also rated with 0.03 ms of response time which is most likely GtG.

MSI Monitors COMPUTEX 2023 5


Yet another QD OLED display, the 342C comes with a relatively similar specifications to the Project 491C with an obvious difference – its size and or footprint. The gaming monitor also comes with a more modest refresh rate at 175 Hz.

MSI Monitors COMPUTEX 2023 4

As for specifications, the MEG 342C comes with a UWQHD (3440 x 1440) 34 inch panel. Has an SDR brightness of 250 nits and an HDR brightness of 1000 nits respectively. It also comes with four downstream USB Type-A ports and a color coverage of 97.8% for AdobeRGB, 99.3% DCI-P3 and 139.1% sRGB.

There were more models at MSI’s huge booth but we felt like these are the best of the bunch. I really like what I saw and hopefully, we could see more interesting productivity and gaming oriented monitors from MSI in the near future.

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