MSI, a world-leading motherboard manufacturer, proudly announces Intel 400 series motherboards along with the brand new Intel 10th gen Core processors for socket 1200.

Intel 10th Generation CPUs provide high specifications with up to 10 cores that improve both CPU and memory performance. MEG, MPG and MAG series are three different segments catered towards the most demanding enthusiasts or entry level gamers, satisfying all types of gamers.

Intel 400 Series Highlight

To support the Intel 10th gen processors, MSI 400 series motherboards utilize the latest technology and the most advanced design. Enhanced cooling solution for both high-end and entry level products ensure best thermal condition, especially all Z490 motherboards featuring M.2 Shield Frozr. The entire MSI Z490 motherboard lineup improves conductivity for thermal and OC performance by adopting multi-layer PCB from 6 layers to 10 layers. Multi-layer PCB is beneficial for higher bandwidth and reliable circuit transmission.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 7

Featured lowest 2.5G Ethernet LAN and Wi-Fi 6 AX solution offer faster data transfer speeds for responsive online experience. Furthermore, all 400 series motherboards support addressable RGB LED with new EZ LED Control to turn on/off the light easily. Not only with improved performance, MSI 400 series gaming motherboards are equipped with pre-installed I/O shielding for convenient installation and are optimized for integration with MSI cooling system.


Being the flagship segment, MEG series focuses on the latest technology, aggressive cooling system and exclusive features to achieve maximum performance.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 1

Active Cooling and Premium Thermal Solution

MEG series motherboards feature active cooling system: Frozr Heatsink Design with double ball bearings fan, Zero Frozr technology, and venting on I/O shielding. MEG Z490 GODLIKE offers an even more powerful thermal design, including Stacked Fin Array, heat-pipe and MOSFET Baseplate which are all adopted for extreme and overclocking performance.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 2

All three M.2 slots are equipped with M.2 Shield Frozr. MEG Z490 GODLIKE provides patented double side M.2 thermal solution to ensure the best thermal condition.

Mirrored Power Arrangement

Compared to other designs, MEG series motherboards adopt Mirrored Power Arrangement with ISL Phases controllers to double the phases. 16x 90A Smart Power Stage Design with 16x Titanium Choke III are also used to ensure identical, consistent and stable power delivery for 10th Gen Intel Core Processors.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 4

MEG Exclusive Features

MEG Z490 GODLIKE and MEG Z490 ACE both feature Chest Plate, a rigid metal back plate, to prevent potential bending or twisting damage during installation process.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 3

Audio Boost HD is also used for MEG series motherboards with dedicated ALC1220 audio processor, while the ESS Audio DAC and headphone amplifier deliver studio grade sound experience.

MEG Z490 GODLIKE’s exclusive features include Dynamic Dashboard II, which upgrades it with a colorful OLED for better customization, 10G Super LAN and Thunderbolt 3 port to provide higher transfer speed, and M.2 XPANDER-Z GEN 4 S accessory card with Smart Fan Function.


For gamers who put heavy emphasis on high performance, MPG series motherboards are always the top choice to show personal style with unique looks and touches. All MPG series motherboards offer onboard Mystic Light LED with 16.8 million colors and 29 effects, controlled easily within MSI’s exclusive Dragon Center.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 5

Premium Duet Rail Power Solution helps improve the stability of power delivery. With more processor cores, the thermal solution is essential to enhance heat dissipation effects. MPG Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI features enlarged chipset heatsink and heat-pipe. MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI and MPG Z490M GAMING EDGE WIFI are both equipped with aluminum cover and MPG Z490 GAMING PLUS offers an Extended Heatsink Design, which are all well-prepared for the potential rise in temperature.

High-speed transmission for both the internet and intranet is considered increasingly important for gamers. 2.5G LAN with LAN Manager is a must with Wi-Fi 6 AX solution, offering the latest wired and wireless connection. Lightning USB 20G for MPG Z490 GAMING CARBON WIFI and MPG Z490 GAMING EDGE WIFI adopts ASMedia 3241 controller chip for up to 20Gbps transfer speed with Type-C connector.


Military styled looks symbolize a rigid and tough image. MAG series is performance-based with essential specifications to fulfill gamers’ needs. MAG Z490 TOMAHAWK features aluminum cover and MAG B460 TOMAHAWK has Extended Heatsink Design. Both enlarged heatsinks ensure better thermal effects. All M.2 slots are equipped with M.2 Shield Frozr to prevent throttling. Digital PWM with 12+1+1 Duet Rail Power System can guarantee stability and consistency for power delivery.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 8

MAG Z490 TOMAHAWK is equipped with Dual LAN, including 2.5G LAN and Gigabit LAN with lower CPU overheard and long-term network usage.

For B460 chipsets, MSI also has a complete MAG series motherboard lineup including TOMAHAWK, MORTAR and BAZOOKA motherboards with all equipping 12+1+1 Duet Rail Power System for more stability to meet entry level gamers.


PRO series helps users work smarter. Z490-A PRO features stable functionality and high-quality assembly for better professional workflows. Extended Heatsink Design, M.2 Shield Frozr and Digital PWM with 12 Duet Rail Power System lead to reliable processing. Network solution is also upgraded to 2.5G LAN to offer faster networking experiences.

MSI Z490 Motherboard PR 9

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