Unveiled earlier at COMPUTEX 2023, Noctua finally introduced its new NM-DD1 direct die kit for AMD’s AM5 socket based platforms.

Developed in cooperation with professional overclocker and direct die cooling expert Roman “der8auer” Hartung, the NM-DD1 is a mounting spacer kit that makes it possible to use a wide range of Noctua CPU coolers on delidded AMD AM5 processors.

Removing the processor’s integrated heat spreader (delidding) and putting the heatsink directly onto the dies allows for much more efficient thermal transfer and can thereby lower CPU temperatures significantly, with typical gains in the range of 10-15°C.

noctua nm dd1 direct die kit am5 pr 2

The direct die  kit contains spacers that are put underneath the heatsink’s fastening bracket(s) in order to make up for the height of the removed heat spreader as well as custom, longer screws that make it possible to reinstall the fastening brackets with the spacers in place.

The NM-DD1 will be available through Noctua’s website for EUR 4.90 from end of June. Noctua will also make the 3D files available via Printables.com so that customers can print the spacers themselves.

It is worthy to note that all other parts required for delidding and direct die cooling (delidding tool, direct die frame for protecting the CPU, liquid metal thermal compound) must be purchased separately.

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