While the next gen 140mm fan and NH-D15 cooler won’t be on the market before next year, Noctua’s new offset mounting bars for AMD AM5 processors will be released in mid-June: By offsetting the heatsink 7mm towards the south side of the socket, more pressure is applied right above the CPU’s CCD(s).

This adjustment improves contact exactly at the processor’s hotspot and can significantly reduce CPU temperatures with typical improvements in the range of 1-3°C. The new offset mounting bars will be available via Noctua’s website or Amazon for a service charge of EUR 3.90 (website form) or EUR/USD 4.90 (Amazon) that helps to cover parts of the shipping and handling costs.

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Direct Die Mount

For further optimising thermal performance on AM5, Noctua also displayed direct die mounting spacers. Developed in cooperation with Roman “der8auer” Hartung, the spacers make it possible to use Noctua CPU coolers on delidded AMD AM5 processors.

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Removing the processor’s integrated heat spreader (delidding) and putting the heatsink directly onto the dies allows for much more efficient thermal transfer and can thereby lower CPU temperatures significantly, with typical gains in the range of 10-15°C.

The kit contains spacers that are put underneath the heatsink’s fastening bracket(s) in order to make up for the height of the removed heat spreader as well as custom, longer screws that make it possible to reinstall the fastening brackets with the spacers in place. All other parts that are required for delidding and direct die cooling (delidding tool, direct die frame for protecting the CPU, liquid metal thermal compound) must be purchased separately.

The kit will be available through Noctua’s website for EUR 4.90 from end of June. Noctua will also make the 3D files available via Printables.com so that customers can print the spacers themselves.

More Noctua Stuff

Other items on display included chromax.black versions of the award-winning CPU cooler models NH-D12L, NH-D9L and NH-L9x65, which are scheduled for release in Q4 2023, as well as 14cm and 9cm coolers for AMD’s next-gen Threadripper processors, which Noctua intends to introduce in October.

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Both the new 24V version of NF-A4x10 and the new slim 60mm fan have been shown in their final production versions and should be ready for release in Q4 this year. Last but not least, the long-awaited 24V-to-12V step-down converter was on display again and will be released later this month.

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