Rumors were floating around the web that the much awaited GeForce GTX 960 from Nvidia will be released this January 22nd, just days before GTA: V will be launched for the PC. That alone might make some gamer-pantsus wet since the card is expected to fill in the gaps that the GTX 970 and GTX 980 made.

Now WCCFTech, a well known and viable source of tech related news and reviews have shared a credible source of what’s up with Nvidia’s next midrange champion, the GTX 960. It turns out that it will come in Three (3) variants, namely a standard GTX 960, and Two Ti Editions.


The 3 variants will feature different amounts of CUDA Cores, with the top end GTX 960 Ti, most probably the “Ultra Edition”, will be equipped with 1536 SP. – That’s 128 SPs away from the GTX 970 so performance should really be close, as evidently seen on the benchmark above provided by WCCFTech’s source. It’s actually 2.82% faster than the GTX 780’s performance according to the said source.

The other GTX 960 Ti variant do feature a lower SP count at 1280, so it’s supposed to be marginally slower. But, the source chart shows that it’s just 8.5% below the GTX 780’s performance which is surprisingly good. The plain GTX 960 however is just 5.86% faster than its predecessor, the GTX 760 so there’s hardly a reason to buy it, unless it will feature a great overclocking potential and marginally better power to performance ratio compared to the part it will replace.

Source: WCCFTech


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    January 2, 2015

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