Pearl Abyss today announced that it will donate 100 million KRW (82,000 USD) to support emergency medical aid in Ukraine as it suffers the onslaught of war.

The donation will be made to “Doctors Without Borders,” an international humanitarian medical NGO. This emergency medical aid will be used to distribute first aid kits to the wounded in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

Pearl Abyss CEO Robin Jung

It will also be used to provide remote medical training and to secure essential personnel and supplies for relief operations.

“Our decision is made as a humanitarian measure to deliver aid to those suffering from war in Ukraine,” said Pearl Abyss CEO Robin Jung. “We hope that our donation will aid where medical assistance is needed,” he added.

Over the years, Pearl Abyss has dedicated itself to being more socially responsible. In 2020, a donation of 100 million KRW was made to assist disaster victims in Australia and Turkey, respectively.

Donations have also been made every year to “Doctors Without Borders” to support medical assistance in local and global communities.

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