Plantronics invades the Garena Rampage 2016 with a slew of gaming headsets designed to enhance the experience of gamers. The Garena Rampage 2016 is an event specifically made for League of Legends fans around the country.

Plantronics RIG Garena Rampage (2)

The Plantronics headset we are talking about is the RIG 500E. It is the eSports Edition of the RIG series with an SRP of 7, 125 PHP locally. If that’s too far out of reach, the RIG 500HD should be up your alley at 3, 850 PHP.

Plantronics RIG Garena Rampage (3)

The major feature of the RIG 500E is its modularity, which gives it an extra edge over competing gaming headsets. You can swap the ear cups, the headband, and virtually anything removable here for that extra personal touch.

Plantronics RIG Garena Rampage (1)

Plantronics also introduced their Enduranceware products at the event together with other wireless lifestyle bluetooth enabled earbuds. These are definitely not on the cheaper side of things.

Plantronics RIG Garena Rampage (4)

Our visit at the Plantronics booth is plain and swift but it does say that Plantronics is serious about making a mark in this country with their gaming headsets.

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