Simply using the internet to do different online activities can pose a threat to anyone. Though the threats are harmless, they could be dangerous in ways that involve theft of identity, personal information, and other important data.

There are ways on how you can protect yourself from these and it is important that you are able to exercise precautionary measures so you don’t become the next victim.

Secure All Your Accounts Online

Everyone must have at least one or a couple of online accounts which include social media, email, and online sites for work or school. All these would require a username and password. It is given that people use the same username across all the accounts, but it shouldn’t be the same case with passwords. The danger here is that any person who has taken hold of your login details can now hack into all your accounts easily. As much as possible, use different kinds of passwords for every account. If you cannot manage to remember them, incorporate a password manager extension in your browser. Do not try to write your passwords on a piece of paper or any notebook, ever. If these fall into the wrong hands, you can lose your accounts forever. What’s worse, someone else might use the account to pretend as you to incur cyber crimes to other people.

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One thing you can do is to add a layer of verification in your accounts. This is already common in  most sites. You can provide a two-factor authentication, which asks for an additional type of key to access the account.

Learn How To Use an Encrypted System

There are several ways in which you can have an encrypted system. You can install one for your operating system that makes all our files unreadable to any foreign  and unauthorized user. This is great for work desktop and personal computers. Most operating systems have equivalent systems.

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Another is to use VPN wherever you go online. It stands for Virtual Private Network and it is exactly what it sounds like. It makes your online activities private which eliminates threats from hackers, spies, and data miners. According to NitroVPN service, an online website that provides a VPN system, this type of protection works when you activate it before you go through the internet. It is a spy-proof and hack-proof private network, which will protect all your internet activities.

Avoid Sketchy Places

When we say sketchy places on the internet, it means websites and sources that are unknown to you. These include public WIFI that offers free access, public computers that can be bugged by anyone, and data sharing apps that are commonly used at work. The first line of defense for you online is to never trust another network or connection.

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Following these simple ways can guarantee that you are more protected as you engage in different online activities. In reality, the internet is not the place to share our personal information, but sometimes it cannot be helped especially now that everyone has personal accounts. By protecting yourself online, you also protect other people from being victims of hacking and spying.

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