Technology has become disruptive in the last two decades. Nearly every industry has become dependent on tech as a growth stimulator. You might be looking at your career options and wondering which path you should be taking.

If you have a passion for technology, it is only fair that you pursue a career in the same line. There are a couple of reasons why you should consider a job in tech and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Unlimited Opportunities

The technology field is big and you have to be very specific with want you want. You could be interested in programming or networking. Regardless of your specialization, you can be assured that there will always be opportunities. There is a shortage of skilled programmers in the country. Not everyone wants to know how the APIs made by Zenserp work. With the right skill set, you will always have tons of options when it comes to job prospects.

You Work in an Environment That Values Culture

There are tangible parks in any business environment but when it comes to down to the culture, you will find that most industries are lacking. Tech companies care about culture and that is why they go all out with the perks. They will ensure that employee happiness is the number one priority in the organization. You just have to look at Zappos. When there is a new hire, they will be given the opportunity to join the company or take a couple thousand dollars to quit immediately if they feel it is not the right working environment.

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New Skills

Tech is dynamic in nature and there is always something new to learn on a daily basis. Technology is known to be disruptive and can become obsolete in days. You might have to learn to use a new program or feature as a result of the constant changes.  Even if you’re not a developer, there are numerous learning opportunities. You might find yourself taking a different trajectory when it comes to a specialization as you’re exposed to new things. You get to learn your interests and passions.

You’re Surrounded by Optimism

There is always something going on in a tech environment. It could be the anticipation of launching a new product or the team is brainstorming to provide a solution for a particular programming challenge. The optimism in a tech job is something that is lacking in traditional company settings. You’re surrounded by passionate individuals who are always going to be contagious.

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Good Pay

As much as money shouldn’t be the only reason to pursue a career, you’ll still want to work in an industry with competitive pay. As we’ve already mentioned, there is a demand for skilled programmers and the supply is not enough. Employers are willing to pay top dollar to land the best talent. For someone that is looking to join the tech industry, you just have to find the right combination and you will never have to worry about finding a job.


There are a large number of techies working as freelancers. There are no geographical limitations for most tech jobs. If you have a good employer, you can work from wherever you wish. For a freelancer, you get to set your own hours which is something that is impossible in a conventional job environment. You get to travel the world as you do something you love.


Not everyone wants to be stuck in the same job for years on end. There are people that will quit their jobs because it is not offering the satisfaction that they’re looking for. With a tech job, you will always be on your toes.

As a technology professional, your work is to solve the problems that people encounter. These problems keep shifting and new ones are arising. The industry will bring the best out of a person that is willing to adapt quickly and change with the times.


In many organizations, you will find out that there is a strong correlation between age and leadership positions. This is not the case in the technology industry. It is not uncommon to get a CEO of a multi-million dollar company that is in their late 20s. Tech companies value merit more than anything else. If you have the right skills and leadership abilities, you will find it easy rising to the top of your profession. Of course, there is the typical office politics but it is not as prevalent in the tech industry.

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