London is a place with a thriving economy because of the huge industries investing in getting the most out of this rich land. Thus, the work and career opportunities are also ascending along with the growing economy of London. And with this, the rate of expats migrating to start a new life or work journey in London is also increasing.

There are even chances for local and foreign employees in London to do more than one job and earn more money. This idea is not news anymore as there are many skilled workers in London working with two or more companies. Typically, aside from the permanent full-time position, most people in London apply for another job online.

This more than one job setup becomes more accessible for London workers because of the advancement of technology, which allows them to work remotely. However, like any other thing, working with two or more jobs in London has its advantages and downsides that you should consider before doing it.

So, here is the list of pros and cons that you should expect if you’re planning to apply for a work visa in london and work for two or more companies.

Advantages of Working Two or More Jobs in London

If you’re planning to work with more than one company, you can definitely expect benefits from doing it, such as:


Overemployed is usually the term used to describe workers having two jobs and earning higher salaries than other employees. Obviously, if you work more, you will also expect to earn a lucrative amount of money. This is one of the reasons why most employees in London opt to get more than one job when they can.

Enjoy flexible work

Working with two or more companies is common for gig or freelance workers who work remotely. They enjoy the luxury of working in the comfort of their home and the freedom it offers. However, it’s a different case if you want to work for two or more full-time employees as there might be some conflict in various aspects. Therefore, the success rate of working two jobs in London depends on the type of employment you plan to have to experience the benefits it can provide.

Back-Up Source of Income

It’s hard to deny that when you only have one job, there is the fear of losing it and ending up unemployed. However, if you have another side hustle, there is a sense of comfort ensuring that you will still be able to pay your bills even if you lose one. Moreover, it’s mostly favourable for ex-pats since it can be challenging to earn more if they just depend on one job.

Downsides of Working Two or More Jobs in London

No doubt having more jobs in London offers luxurious earnings and secured sources of income if anything goes downhill in one of your jobs. However, it’s not easy to pull this working setup, especially since it also offers downsides.

Conflict with Taxation

One of the downsides that you can expect if you work two or more jobs in London is the challenge in paying your tax correctly since the taxation system in London is different. Typically, as a worker, regardless of whether you’re an expat or resident, you have to pay the tax corresponding with your annual earnings. It’s simple, but it can get complicated since the system does not count if you have more than one job.

But don’t worry because, as long as you are open to updating your employment status and paying the right amount of tax to cover your two or more jobs, there will be no problem. For expat workers, you can go to the london immigration and consult your situation to get the best solution.

Conflict with Schedule

If you plan to look for side hustle aside from your full-time job, it’s essential to consider managing your schedule properly. You should ensure that you can do both jobs without affecting your performance because you might end up losing both jobs. Although there are times that even if you plot your schedule diligently, it might still overlap. So, it’s best to let your employers know about your situation to have successful employment.

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Surely, having two or more jobs attracts more and more employees, especially since remote working is becoming popular. However, it’s still essential to consider various factors before doing it to prevent expecting too much and ending up disappointed after knowing that it’s rather challenging.

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