TomTop Deals for Legacy AMD Systems

The SOPLAY CPU Cooler 2 is now on sale for about $15 USD via TomTop. This particular CPU cooler is compatible with legacy AMD systems with sockets 754, 939 and 940.

The SOPLAY CPU Cooler 2 is a 95W dual copper heat pipe design cooler. It is basically a direct touch cooling unit  that should quickly dissipate heat efficiently. Metal buckles are used to fix the unit to the motherboard, while a “high” silver content heat-conducting silicon grease is already pre-applied.

SOCAL CPU Cooler 2 TomTop (2)

The aluminum fins are 0.35mm thick, allowing the unit to dissipate more heat. Fan on the other hand is a 92mm unit. Despite its looks, the cooling fins and heatpipes are closely next to each other, speeding up thermal conduction according to the manufacturer.

If you have an aging system that needs cooling for the AMD Sockets 754, 939 and 940, then this latest deal from TomTop is for you.


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