TEAMGROUP has upgraded the capacities of its industrial DDR5 series memory products, by leveraging its outstanding R&D and product design capabilities, taking the lead in launching a 48 GB module, as well as a lower 24 GB option.

The capacity upgrades apply to all types of DDR5 products, including the DDR5 non-ECC U/SO-DIMM, DDR5 ECC U/SO-DIMM class and DDR5 ECC R-DIMM memory modules. They provide higher capacity for applications using high-performance edge computing, embedded computers, personal workstations and more.

Current industrial DDR5 memory on the market has a maximum capacity of about 32 GB per module. However, with the development of technologies such as cloud, edge computing, the Internet of Things, and big data, the demand for memory capacity is increasing. Edge computing systems need to process large amounts of data from a variety of sensors and devices and perform complex calculations and analyses that require high memory capacity and performance.

To meet this demand, TEAMGROUP has made capacity upgrades across its industrial DDR5 memory products, offering new 24 GB and 48 GB modules. They bring more application flexibility and enable users to better handle large data sets, complex simulations, and analysis tasks. The enhanced capacities will significantly increase the performance and processing power of edge computing systems, providing users with the ability to run various applications and algorithms more efficiently.

In addition to capacity increases, all industrial TEAMGROUP DDR5 memory can be equipped with patented graphene heat sinks, which allow for greater and more stable read and write performance than typical heat sinks under sustained high-temperature environments. The modules, therefore, have improved lifespans and customers can enjoy enhanced reliability and durability during industrial applications.

TEAMGROUP will continue to innovate and create the most reliable solutions for the changing landscape and needs of the industrial storage market.

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