In today’s digital age, many people rely on smartphones and cameras to document their travels, but memory storage, both in your mind and in the form of physical or digital souvenirs, remains a critical component of a fulfilling travel experience. The balance between using technology to capture moments and relying on your memory to savor and navigate your journey is essential for a well-rounded travel experience.

That said, and in lieu of World Tourism Day, let us take a look at some products that could make travelling fun, safer and more memorable.

Kingston XS1000 External SSD

Kingston’s XS1000 external SSD offers itself as an incredibly convenient file backup solution. Its sleek, compact design is tailored to seamlessly integrate into your daily pack, making it a breeze to take along wherever you go. Despite its compact size, the XS1000 delivers blazing speeds of up to 1,050 MB/s while also providing a generous storage capacity of up to 2 TB.

Kingston Non Binary XS1000 COMPUTEX 2

Our review of the XS1000 showed that it is indeed quite a performer and would be a great addition for your travels if you are taking a lot of pictures, videos and would consider editing on the go. I’ve even configured mine as a scratch disk for Adobe applications due to my notebook’s measly storage capacity. Note that it is not a rugged drive so best keep it safe from the elements.

Kingston XS2000 external SSD

Now if you are looking for more speed and that extra bit of ruggedness, the XS2000 is perhaps the drive you need. It is basically the XS1000 but with faster NAND and IP55-rating via its included sleeve.

Catering to photography and travel aficionados, the Kingston XS2000 is a pocket-sized portable SSD made for such purpose but with the extra speed and peace of mind in tow. It comes at a higher entry price compared to the XS1000 though so keep that in mind.

Kingston DataTraveler Series

The Exodia Onyx and DataTraveler 80 M are well regarded storage solutions for those on the go. These are reliable thumb drives for when you are in a pinch. I.e., in case you need to transfer or access files in a hurry.

kingston datatraveler exodia onyx 80 m usb pr 1

Regardless of brand and model, I always make sure I have one on my person. Make that two since I usually have a bootable thumb drive with a bunch of utilities for emergencies.

Canvas Series Memory Card

Memory cards are important for various electronic devices, particularly for cameras, smartphones, tablets and other portable gadgets. No need to expound on this further since memory cards are now considered essentials.

Kingston offers the Canvas Go! Plus microSD Memory Card for phones and gadgets that supports it. The Canvas Go! might look like any other microSDs but it is a high capacity, 4K UHD ready model which is ideal for action cameras and drones. The Canvas Select Plus on the other hand is basically its affordable brother which is great for phones and point and shoot cameras.

Workflow Station and Readers

Now for a more strenuous requirement, the Kingston’s Workflow Station and Readers offer a versatile solution for pro-level video, photos and audio transfers from multiple sources simultaneously, effectively streamlining the post-production workflow in the field.

Kingston Computex 2021 GP 1

These devices support USB 3.2 speeds for faster post-production processes, and their card readers can also be used on-the-go for on-location shoots by connecting them to your laptop via the included USB-C cable. The customizable Workflow Station Dock allows you to select the specific components (USB miniHub, SD readers, or microSD readers) you need for your shoot so it is also handy for travelling crews.

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