VPN or Virtual private network is one of the trending software people are using in the current times. It helps everyone to connect with a private server and surf anonymously. At the same time, two different categories of VPN’s is available in the market, Paid and Free. Both have the capabilities to provide you an anonymous experience, but why people would believe more on Paid rather Than a free VPN? What is the reason behind it? That’s what we are going to discuss here in this article.

Whenever you start using any service free, it’s evident that you don’t expect perfection. The thing that matters to you is the serviceability to perform your tasks, and that’s it. If we talk about VPN’s, so the same thing applies to it. Numerous top free VPN’s to try by millions of peoples around the world, and you could also try it. However, they do contain some issues or flaws that you have to know about to make things get right in the track.

Why Some VPNs are paid, and others are Free?

If we talk about the Best VPNs, so it will provide you all the desired features and the ability to stay anonymous online. You will be able to remain protected from all types of hacking threats and be able to visit all geographically blocked sites. However, the major problem that occurs here for most financially deprived people is that such VPNs don’t offer free services. Everyone should need to understand that these VPN providers are not like a charity organization; they are running it as a business. Anyone who subscribes to the VPN packages will allow the service provider to earn some amount of money.


At the same time, there are paid VPN’s who offer you the Free services, but the features tend to become very limited, which you can also use in fully-fledged free VPN services. If you intend to use it for minor tasks, then the free option is also good.

However, you should consider it an alarming situation whenever someone offers you a complete VPN service without charging a single amount. The majority of the time, the free VPNs tend to compromise for their security and privacy, which they later sell to others. Not only that, but some hackers tend to provide you free VPN services. Afterward, they get all your Bank details and emails and perform fishy things with your information for their benefits.

What are the Major Problems and Risks with the Use of a Free VPN?

You should know the thing that nothing is free in this world. How could a free VPN service provider earn when they provide a free subscription? What are the bitter truths about Free VPN service usage? That’s what we will be going to tell you here.

They Give Others Permission to Access your Connection

When you are using Free VPNs, they tend to operate P2P networks. The entire data transferring with this model creates a lot of risks for you at the end. You will expect DNS attacks and malware immediately, which is not healthy for your device.

The Security is Easily Crack able

When you consider Paid VPN, there are very few chances for the network infrastructure to be damaged due to data breach. That’s the reason you have to pay for such quality services. However, a free VPN never provides you such an amount of security for the network connections. Weak encryption and zero reliability are the significant features of Free VPNs. So, anyone could easily break your network connections and steal your data for various purposes.

You will be Easily Tracker, and your browsing data will be sell

Another drawback of free VPN’s is that your entire browsing data is not secure. As they are not providing your encrypted features, all of your data is collected by the major platforms that then sell this to the advertisers. In different scenarios, People have also faced their browsers hacked by third parties and redirected them to their partner websites.

You will face Ads Interruption on the browsers

A majority of you have already used Free VPNs, and now there are numerous ads shown to you on the browser. That’s the top reason for earning free VPN providers where they sell your identity and search terms to advertisers. There is a huge chance that some of the advertisements you will see contain DNS attacks or Malware. So, it’s essential not to click those ads and get into significant troubles.

You will Experience Slow Internet Speed

In Paid VPNs, there are very few chances where you have to face slow internet speed. However, the free versions tend to provide poor encryption to you, which later brings you issues of slow internet speed. Slow speed internet will cause annoying experiences for you, which you will later regret.

Note:  If you want to keep your browsing secure, top free VPN’s to try is the best option for you. For that, you can consider paid VPN’s who provides fewer features in their free subscription. You can use it for minor tasks, and it’s fully secure for you.

What are the Qualities of a Paid VPN?

Paid VPN’s comes with many quality features that allow you to surf the internet anonymously for a lot of reasons. When you are using Paid VPNs, you will never have to worry about private data protection. Paid VPNs hide your data from ISP providers, Sniffers, hackers, and so on.

The Paid VPN service providers use the 256 bit of encryption. It will create robust walls for the users, which a hacker could not easily break. You can stream online videos as long as you can because paid VPN’s doesn’t have limitations of Bandwidth. However, You have to disconnect your connection and reconnect on Free VPN to use it, which is very annoying.

In the Paid VPN’s, you have a lot of server locations available. You can easily connect with the desired country VPN without any hurdle. However, Free VPN hardly provides you more than 10 locations at the same time.

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