X-Play Online Games is injecting excitement back to the Philippine online gaming scene with NBA2K Online. NBA2K Online is an action-sports online game that combines the best of what the award-winning NBA 2K basketball video game series has to offer with immersive gameplay, rich player customization, and massive online community. The Intellectual Property (IP) is owned by 2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., and is co-developed by Visual Concepts China and Tencent.

X-Play Online Games general manager Ronald Aquino is optimistic that NBA2K Online will vie for the most popular online game title and spur the development of the Philippine online gaming landscape.

For Aquino, the Filipinos’ inherent love for both online gaming and basketball – plus the fact that NBA is most recognized international sports league in the country – will fuel the game’s long term success and help surpass the popularity achieved overseas, particularly in China and Taiwan. NBA2K Online tournaments are highly-anticipated e-sports events in both countries, with over 3 million gamers playing the game every month in China alone.


Exciting and challenging game modes await players in NBA2K Online. The two most prominent game modes are My Career and 3v3 Streetball. In My Career mode, players need to train and guide their character up the NBA ranks. The experience includes being drafted by an NBA team, going up against other legendary NBA teams, and playing for awards and championships. In 3v3 Streetball mode, players form groups of three to go up against other teams in a fast and furious street match. The matches are set in many different urban basketball court settings.


According to NBA2K Online product manager Bryan Dy, 3v3 Streetball will be a hit among gamers who are into player-versus-player action.

Furthermore, Dy said that the 3v3 Streetball woulb be the core game mode for the very first NBA2K Online tournament. The NBA experience is further enhanced through special in-game items that are available in the Item Mall. Shot packs enable players to equip their characters with various animations – jump shot, layup, and dunk – based off NBA players. There are also official NBA team jerseys and items available.


In addition, gamers also have the opportunity to play as NBA players through the Player Card system. Similar to trading cards, players can obtain Player Cards by completing achievements or buying them through the Item Mall. Dy also said that there would be regular patches to keep the rosters updated while in-game events will be intertwined with NBA events, such as the All-Star Weekend and playoffs.

  • The closed beta test period for NBA2K Online is scheduled to start on October 20.
  • To download the game client and register for a game account, visit the NBA2K Online website (www.nba2konline.ph) or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/NBA2KOnline.


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