With over one billion active users currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social channels out there. What’s more, about 50% of Instagram users log in to their accounts and check feeds at least once each day. It is especially popular among businesses, marketers, influencers, celebrities, and pretty much anyone who sees an opportunity in popularity and uses it to their benefit. However, you need to have as many followers as possible to become popular, maintain popularity and achieve success in whatever you’re using IG for.

In other words, success largely depends on how many followers you have on your IG page and how many of them actively follow your posts. This brings in the need to adopt methods that will help you attract the utmost followers, which this article is all about. This having been said, here are 6 proven ways to attract followers on Instagram.

Have an Engaging Feed

Simply put, Instagram is all about creating interesting posts of videos and photos that spark conversation and engagement among a certain audience. How effective you become at sparking interest among a target audience will largely depend on the kind of content you post, how often you do so, and, of course, how social you are. The folks at BuyLikes.net impose that improving your feed shouldn’t feel like rocket science as long as you know how to create a theme for every upload and are consistent with your posts. In addition to this, you’ll want to remain as social as you can while avoiding spamming techniques or inappropriately promoting your material in other people’s conversations.

Utilize Your Bio

When setting up an IG account, you normally create a bio, in which you can use at least one clickable link. Here, you can use a link that leads to your website or blog directly or better yet, use a link that leads them to a landing page with offers and promotions. This can help you create a long-lasting relationship with your audience and since many people love free stuff, your followers will definitely recommend their followers to your page to take advantage of the offer. There are various ways you can use your bio to market your brand or business, so be sure to utilize this whenever you can.

Using the Right Hashtags

Hashtags are the bone and flesh of engagement and searches on Instagram. However, not all hashtags may necessarily benefit your IG page and help attract new followers. Using the wrong hashtags on IG can easily attract the wrong audience or no audience at all. Before you drop a few hashtags along with your posts, it’s wise to do some research and determine what hashtags are currently trending in your line of business or which ones are relevant to the kind of message you’re trying to pass across. It’s also important to consider how such hashtags are relevant to your audience.

6 Proven Ways Attract Followers Instagram GP 2

Basically, you can have several hashtags that you’ll be using for your uploads, including one for your brand, one for the post, one for the location, and one that speaks out your tagline. You can use these hashtags in texts, content, and messages across other platforms such as Facebook, email, websites, blogs, and even review sites so someone can easily find you on IG by simply clicking on the hashtag.

Leverage the Power of Video

It’s been proven time and again, that videos are highly effective in capturing attention and attracting interest. This is why creative, funny, and inspiring videos do very well when it comes to marketing. To attract more followers on your IG, be sure to use a mix of interesting videos and photos while ensuring that they’re themed around the message you’re trying to pass across.

Utilize IG Stories & Highlights

Launched in 2016 by Instagram, Stories is another excellent feature you can tap into when it comes to attracting new or more followers. Yes, they disappear in 24 hours, but when utilized carefully, Stories can help develop a loyal followership that will even get you more followers. This is essentially because unlike posts where one has to scroll through their feed to discover, Instagram Stories appear at the top. What’s more, you can also include links to landing pages in your Stories or even convert the best ones into IG highlights for a more powerful effect.

IG Contests

Especially if your IG page has started taking root and you have a considerable number of followers, IG contests can be a great way to attract new followers. Provided you know how to run an Instagram contest, it can be fun, easy, and effective. It generally involves providing free goodies for anyone who wins the contest.

IG is a great platform to promote your business or yourself as a brand. With the right followership, it can be a big moneymaker and a source of fun. The above are just a few strategies you can use to attract more IG followers.

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