AOC and 21st Century Fox’s exclusive sneak peek in IMAX Theatre

AOC partnered with 21st Century Fox Film to hype the intense cyberpunk action film based on Yukito Kishiro’s manga Battle Angel Alita. The movie, which is originally known as Gunnm in Japan, will have its official premier on February 19, 2019.

The sneak peek showed breathtaking scenes on IMAX, which gave the audience an extremely immersive movie experience. Participants expressed that Alita: Battle Angel has exceeded their expectations beyond of what were shown on the movie trailers.

AOC Alita Battle Angel PR (2)

In line with this, AOC has always been dedicated in the pursuit of the next level of visual experience enhanced by innovative technologies. Through the years, as a partner of 21st Century Fox Film, AOC has delivered new cinematic adventures to their fans by supporting and promoting films such as The Martian, Independence Day, Assassin’s Creed, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Further, as the exclusive monitor partner of the movie Alita: Battle Angel, AOC will be launching a series of promotional activities, globally.  So make sure not to miss out by following us on social media:

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