AMD announces the acquisition of software developer HiAlgo to bolster the Radeon Software’s features, and will be designed to help the RX Series of GPUs for a better gaming experience. The acquisition is integral to the Radeon Software’s future, with WattMan already in place to help gamers overclock their Radeon GPUs without much technical requirements from the end user.

“Software is an integral part of advancing the science of graphics, enabling us to best harness the silicon of the GPU to maximize performance and deliver outstanding experiences in games and applications,” said Raja Koduri, senior vice president and chief architect, Radeon Technologies Group, AMD. “HiAlgo embodies our spirit of passion, persistence and play by delivering a number of creative approaches to software that improve gamers’ experiences, and helps future-proof the GPU.”

HiAlgo is something that I am not really aware of before the acquisition has been made, and with a little bit of research we’ve found out that HiAlgo specializes in graphics optimization softwares designed to help gamers enhance their experience. Currently, they offer the HiAlgo BOOST, HiAlgo SWITCH, and the HiAlgo CHILL. These software are available to download for free.


Basically, HiAlgo BOOST improves the frame rate of a compatible game by intercepting the commands given by the game to the GPU. This works by decreasing the resolution of the game while you are on the move and returns to the default values when you stopped moving. It’s a pretty neat dynamic scaling technology but compatibility with titles still requires improvements.

Next up is the HiAlgo SWITCH which is basically the manual version of the BOOST where you could set the resolution of the game to 50% for a significant frame rate increase whenever you need it. HiAlgo CHILL on the other hand works by decreasing the card’s performance whenever it is possible or if the situation doesn’t require much power. It’s like AMD’s Frame Rate Target Control (FRTC) but is a more complex one at that because it doesn’t limit itself to the maximum set frame rate alone.

Assuming that these features will be absorbed by the next iterations of the Radeon Software, then AMD has a pretty strong future when it comes to software based gameplay experience enhancements. The Nvidia GeForce Experience for example, remains as one of the best software suites so far with loads of features built specifically for gamers and AMD really need a helping hand if they want to rival the green team’s own. Still, there is a lot of work needed to be done especially when it comes to compatibility issues of the HiAlgo applications.


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