At the “Advancing AI” event, AMD, alongside industry leaders like Microsoft, Meta, Oracle, and others, showcased collaborations on advanced AI solutions across cloud, enterprise, and PCs.

AMD launched new products, including Instinct MI300 Series accelerators and ROCm 6 software stack with optimizations for Large Language Models. Major data center providers, such as Microsoft, Meta, Oracle, Dell, HPE, Lenovo, and Supermicro, outlined plans to integrate AMD Instinct accelerators into their offerings. Specialized AI cloud providers, including Aligned, Arkon Energy, Cirrascale, Crusoe, Denvr Dataworks, and Tensorwaves, also plan to offer AMD Instinct MI300X GPUs for developers and AI startups.

In the realm of AI software, AMD introduced ROCm 6, an open-source stack optimized for generative AI, achieving an ~8x performance increase in text generation compared to the previous version. AI startups like Databricks, Essential AI, and Lamini discussed their use of AMD Instinct MI300X accelerators and ROCm 6 for innovative AI solutions. OpenAI is incorporating support for AMD Instinct accelerators in Triton 3.0, simplifying development on AMD hardware.

Continuing its leadership in AI PCs, AMD launched the Ryzen 8040 Series processors, delivering enhanced AI compute capability. The Ryzen AI 1.0 Software stack enables easy deployment of AI-capable apps for Windows. Future “Strix Point” CPUs, set to launch in 2024, will feature XDNA 2 architecture for over a 3x increase in AI compute performance, leading to new generative AI experiences. Microsoft discussed collaborative efforts with AMD on upcoming AI experiences for Windows PCs.

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