With the recent update on 3DMARK’s latest benchsuite featuring DirectX 12 performance tests on a Technical Preview of Windows 10, AMD took the initiative to report that their GPUs, CPUs, and APUs got what it takes to deliver solid DirectX 12 performance across the boarder.

DirectX 11 vs DirectX 12 with AMD Radeon

Draw Call performance are measured via geometries drawn with a simple shader, and without post processing. The draw call count is increased further by drawing a mirror image of the geometry to the sky and using a shadow map for directional light.

AMD DirectX 12 Performance (1)

With DirectX 12, Draw Call performance of the AMD Radeon R9 290X saw a massive 1547% increase compared to DirectX 11.  The mid-range R7 260X also made a huge increase in Draw Call performance with 953% increase which is impressive.

DirectX 12 and CPUs

Usually, APIs taxes CPUs greatly, and multi-core CPUs are not exempted. To combat this bottleneck inducing issue seen with older APIs, DirectX 12 allows a multi-core communication lane between a processor and a GPU. It appears that from AMD’s standpoint, performance scales better with more cores.

AMD DirectX 12 Performance (2)

APUs also saw massive improvements when it comes to Draw Call performance with 511% performance increase. Now I think it’s safe to say that APUs will drive tomorrow’s budget gaming rigs.

AMD DirectX 12 APU

DirectX 12 is certainly shaping up the future of PC gaming, as with these optimizations, game developers could simply maximize their game’s features graphics wise, or better yet, have the system requirements lighten up for budget systems, without sacrificing too much eye candy.

Source: Fudzilla


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