AMD Updates Ryzen Master and Chipset Driver, Fixes 3rd Gen Ryzen Bugs

The 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors are undoubtedly one of the best family of micro-processors that the company released thus far. Allowing gamers and content creators alike to maximize their potential with ample amount of cores and speed combined. While the 3rd gen family is generally a success, there are issues reported by consumers. That includes issues causing software monitoring tools to report high voltages and clock speeds at the desktop level.

“Our analysis indicates that certain pieces of popular software, which are widely considered to be “low CPU load” applications, frequently make indirect requests for the highest performance and power state from the processor.”

The issue is definitely a software one with certain pieces of popular software monitor tools frequently making indirect requests for the highest performance and highest power state from the 3rd Gen processors. According to AMD, the 3rd Gen Ryzen is designed to be extremely responsive to requests for higher performance, thus leading to some of the anomalous behaviors observed with high voltages and clock speeds in monitoring utilities.

“Our solution is to adjust the AMD Ryzen Balanced power plan to address these cases under light loads, without changing the processor’s ability to respond to sustained workloads like games and content creation.”

Ever since the problem’s cause has been rooted out, AMD took an immediate response with a solution via the new chipset driver version 1.07.29. The AMD Ryzen Master version also reflects these changes and is now available for download as well.

AMD is already testing a more comprehensive solution in the upcoming AGESA 1003ABB since there are software tools that still allowed the problem to persist. The AGESA 1003ABB will appear in production BIOS when your manufacturer has completed QA testing to ensure stability and reliability. This process typically takes a few weeks, according to AMD.

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