The NDA lifted for the last few CPUs of the Core™ X-Series Processor family just this week, and soon after that ASRock took almost every CPU performance world record by storm, with the overclocking weapon X299 OC Formula designed by OC freak Nick Shih, it has crowned multiple benchmark on the famous overclocking website HWBOT.

With the help of overclocker Splave, we topped 3 out of 7 World Records and a whopping 23 out of 27 Global First Places!

ASRock X299 OC Formula PR 3

ASRock X299 OC Formula is designed by Pro-Overclocker Nick Shih and built by a group of most skilled and experienced engineers. 13 phase Dr.MOS CPU power and 2 phase memory power design, one DIMM per channel memory layout, Hyper BCLK Engine III and XXL aluminum alloy heatsinks are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of OC gadgets on X299 OC Formula, it takes more careful planning and thoughtful design to form a perfect OC weapon, and it is clear that we’ve definitely done it!

ASRock X299 OC Formula PR 2

ASRock X299 OC Formula has everything a professional overclocker is dying for, it is built to kill and equipped with the most heavy punch you’ll ever seen to break the record, with the huge success of topping almost every benchmark, it is clearly that this motherboard is the number one choice for performance fanatics.

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