BIOSTAR, a manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards, and storage devices today, introduces the new B660/H610 series motherboards designed to run the latest 12th Gen processors from Intel.

Leading the charge into 2022, BIOSTAR introduces yet another set of user-oriented motherboards. Keen on showcasing their superior technology and product design, BIOSTAR unveils three of the best mid to entry level motherboards imaginable, designed targeting business and casual users.

Following their predecessor’s success, the new B660MX-E, H610MX-E, and the H610MH are the best bang for buck micro-ATX motherboards entering the new year, with stylish design, great features, and brand support catering to the masses. Running on a seamless cohesion with Intel 12th generation processors, packing all the quintessential features and connectivity options, these motherboards are an excellent choice for HTPC builds and business-oriented systems.

BIOSTAR B660 H610 PR 2

All three motherboards come with the capability of installing 2 DIMMs of DDR4 RAMs. The H610MX-E and the H610MH supports boost RAM clock speeds up to 3200 meanwhile B660MX-E powered by Intel’s B660 chipset has the potential to stably overclock upto 4000 Mhz with a maximum RAM capacity of 64Gb.

The B660MX-E and the H610MX-E motherboards come with native PCI-E M.2 (E Key) support and a built-in WiFi antenna port. Additionally, both motherboards come with a DVI output port for extra display output capability.

Furthermore, all three motherboards come with a top-tier 10 phase power design proprietary to BIOSTAR motherboards. Intel I219V LAN, ALC897 Audio Chipset, and HDMI 2K4K port are highly notable features providing an excellent base ground for users to build their HTPC systems to stream highly immersive media content at their home.

Rock-solid performance, great pricing, and globally renowned product support make the new B660MX-E, H610MX-E, and H610MH motherboards the first choice for entry-level motherboards for users that want to extract the most out of their money.

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