Pearl Abyss today announced a number of major content updates in Black Desert Mobile. The revamped Nightmare content ‘Twisted Nightmare,’ a new Navarn Steppe area, and its vicious world boss Ahib’s Griffon have been introduced. 

Twisted Nightmare is a revamped version of the existing Nightmare content, which has become a combination of PvE and PvP. Due to the onset of an ominous, evil new energy, Adventurers will now have to face a host of even more powerful Nightmare bosses as well as threats from other Adventurers, and all while trying to close the rift to this fearsome world. 

In Twisted Nightmare, Adventurers can obtain various rewards including Chaos Jewel, Root of Sorcery and Ah’krad according to the damage dealt on the realm’s strongest boss Turaka. Adventurers are encouraged to cooperate with their guilds to defeat other challengers and collect “Nightmare Fragments” which can be converted to Guild Benefits.  

The difficulty levels are divided in a total of three levels which can be set by Adventurer’s Combat Points. Each level will enter into an unstable state when the number of Adventurers inside exceeds 135, and will remain so until that number drops below 120. Adventurers will be unable to enter the realm while it is in an unstable state.

In addition, a new Navarn Steppe area has been added to the Northeast Kamasylvia region. Adventurers who complete the new story of this vast grassland area can receive rewards including Chaos Jewel, Akhram Prophecy 100%, Chaos Crystal, and Ancient Inscribed Glyph. 

Black Desert Mobile Navarn Steppe PR 2

Moreover, a new world boss Ahib’s Griffon has also been introduced to the new Navarn Steppe area. Adventurers can obtain rewards according to the damage they inflict on this threatening boss. 

Visit Black Desert Mobile’s official website for more information.   

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