Colorful Technology Company Limited, professional manufacturer of graphics cards and motherboards, is thrilled to announce the release of its latest graphics card featuring its latest cooling solution with built-in LCD display: the iGame GTX1070Ti Vulcan X Top. Aimed at upper mainstream performance seekers, COLORFUL delivers a powerful graphics card with powerful cooling.

The new GTX 1070 Ti from NVIDIA brings an enticing upgrade for those looking to upgrade from entry-level systems and older GPUs. Thanks to COLORFUL’s enhancement and feature set, the iGame GTX1070Ti Vulcan X Top delivers next-level performance for gamers that want the best from the GTX 1070 Ti.

Colorful GTX 1070 Ti PR 2

The iGame GTX1070Ti Vulcan X Top features a factory frequency of 1607Mhz on the base frequency and has a boost clock of 1683Mhz thanks to GPU Boost. The card has 8GB GDDR5 memory wired to a 256-bit bus. The card features a 12+2 phase digital power supply reinforced by IPP (iGame Pure Power) and is equipped with the SWORIZER cooler with built-in iGame Status Monitor as well as 1.68 million color-capable RGB lighting.


The new SWORIZER cooler features a redesigned thermal solution that places the contact position of the heatpipe all in one copper base and uses a C-type design to reduce thermal resistance and enhance heat conduction efficiency. The cooling fins are cooled by three 92mm dual ball-bearing Saw Sickle fans which cools 86% more surface area than dual double-groove coolers. This design ultimately cools the iGame GTX1070Ti Vulcan X Top.

iGame Status Monitor

A revolutionary new feature that changes the way we see graphics card, COLORFUL’s iGame Status Monitor allows real-time monitoring of graphics card status including core clocks, core temperature, load line status and memory usage. This enables gamers and modders to rethink the way they show-off their GPUs in their builds while also keeping a functional yet aesthetically pleasing feature display.

The iGame Status monitor on COLORFUL graphics card helps gamers keep a close-eye on running condition on their system to help make their gaming better by putting vital information within their fingertips.

The iGame Series

Colorful created the iGame series taking feedback from players’ comments and suggestions to create a distinct product for every situation.  The iGame series is Colorful’s specialized product segment made for gamers, both mainstream and extreme.

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