Bethesda just released the Vulkan API patch for DOOM, which enables gamers to switch from OpenGL rendering to Vulkan depending on their liking. With the new patch, gamers should expect performance increase on Vulkan API supporting graphics cards, and it looks like AMD is enjoying the update so far with the Radeon RX 480 gaining a significant performance boost at the said title.

According to AMD, the RX 480 gained around 23% to 27% increase in performance at 1080P and 1440P versus OpenGL. Performance gains came from an undisclosed system specs with a Radeon RX 480 utilizing the latest Radeon Crimson Software 16.7.1 driver.

DOOM Vulkan API News (2)

We have no means to confirm these claims on our own, but Guru3D already tested the RX 480 and the GTX 1070 with the latest GeForce and Radeon drivers.

We can see from their benchmarks that the RX 480 saw 16% to 23% performance increase based on the early tests. The GTX 1070 didn’t saw any improvements and it is possible that Nvidia is on their way to patch things up with a new driver release specifically for the title.

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