Pearl Abyss has introduced a new class, Letanas, to Black Desert Mobile. This release is accompanied by several events offering valuable rewards to players.

Letanas serves as the awakened class for Drakania, employing the Trion and Ta’vest as her primary and secondary weapons, respectively. Her combat style integrates the elements of wind and fire, enabling her to deliver a series of rapid attacks, including stabs, slices, and strikes. Letanas is also equipped with advanced movement abilities, enhancing her mobility in combat.

A distinctive feature of Letanas is her ability to alternate between two forms: “Hexeblood” and “Dragonblood.” In Hexeblood form, she relies on her human skills to maneuver the Trion for precise attacks. Conversely, in Dragonblood form, she taps into her draconic abilities to execute broad, powerful attacks, with the Trion transforming to resemble a dragon’s horn.

Letanas can deploy her wings for aerial maneuvers, allowing her to engage enemies from the air or swiftly close distances. Her primary abilities include:

  • Legacy: Enables Letanas to switch between Hexeblood and Dragonblood forms.
  • Sundering Roar: A skill that varies with her current form, focusing on wind manipulation and spear attacks.
  • Savage Decree: Allows for rapid spear attacks in Hexeblood form or powerful, roaring strikes in Dragonblood form.
  • Doombringer: Employs wind to enhance her leap and slam attacks, causing widespread damage.

For a closer look at Letanas’ abilities, interested individuals can view her combat showcase and preview.

In celebration of Letanas’ debut, the game is hosting special events where players can earn items like the “Sealed Charm of Succession,” “Young Blue Dragon (Tier 7),” and “Combat Plus” through daily missions. There is also a login event offering rewards such as “Chaos Crystals” and “Black Pearls” available until April 8.

For more details, visit the official Black Desert Mobile website.

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