April 1st, 2015  – In a world where independent gamers, and single dads have to iron their clothes alone, balancing gaming with the chore on hand seems to be an impossible idea. Today, Razer beats the impossible, by introducing a gaming mouse and a clothes iron in one. Meet the Razer IronClad – The world’s first gaming mouse //slash clothes iron for the busy gamer.


“Gamers have been waiting for this for years. Imagine playing games and burning your clothes at the same time. Now, all seems to be possible, and there’s no stopping you from doing it.” – Anonymous gamer at the E.R. with 3rd degree burns.


All the latest, unreleased Razer exclusive technologies has been embedded with the IronClad. That includes the 9001 DPI sensor, which is over 9000. In addition, we have added “Ionizing Holes” because they sound just cool. The IronClad is drenched in Razer’s Toxic Green theme and with that said, it’s going to be expensive. Maybe over 9000 USD?


Always ahead of the game, Razer appeals to the gaming dads, singles, and forever alones who wants to play their favorite games even while ironing. No words about the availability yet, but if someone’s house is on fire near you, suspect it as one of our beta tester’s address.


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    April 1, 2015
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    April 1, 2015

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