Considered to be a world-renowned resort located in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands is a hotspot for gamblers as it features a massive casino. Its casino is one of the largest in the world, offering a vast array of gambling options to its visitors.

Marina Bay Sands brags over 2,500 slot machines, more than 350 gaming tables, and a range of other gaming options, including electronic table games, progressive jackpot machines, and more.

As a part of the resort’s enhanced customer service roadmap, the resort introduced its Smart Hotel. This app allows users to do several things during their stay at Marina Bay Sands. For example, with your phone, you can unlock your room. You can also access hotel elevators without needing a card.

They started this project to enhance customers’ digital experience at every stage of their journey at the resort. This new experience does not end with gambling games online as customers can enjoy it through an augmented reality app which created a new and innovative experience for customers.

New experience

The Chief Operating Officer of the resort, Paul Town, believes that technology will help them enhance the quality of service it offers its guests. All efforts put into this mobile feature contribute to the progress of the hotel.

Marina Bay Sands’s Smart Hotel app anticipates new updates in the future that will continue in supporting their goal of enhancing the customer’s digital experience. One of the expected updates includes contactless payment with the use of the app.

Marina Bay Sands’ unending digital innovation

This was not the first time Marina Bay Sands has levelled up the game when it comes to the resort’s digital experience. In fact, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the resort made huge adjustments that promoted contactless tourism.

It started with the introduction of a digital concierge service. Here, visitors can access this service through a mobile app, allowing them to plan their visit, purchase tickets, and make reservations for restaurants and other attractions. The app also gives information on the resort’s health and safety protocols, helping visitors to feel secure during their visit.

Another contactless tourism option offered by Marina Bay Sands is the use of cashless payments. Visitors can pay for purchases at the resort’s various attractions and restaurants using digital payment methods such as credit cards or mobile wallets. This limits physical contact and reduces the risk of transmission.

To allow guests to enjoy the attractions and displays without physically engaging with them, the resort has included virtual and augmented reality activities. For instance, guests may use an augmented reality app to explore the gambling games online such as slot machines or take virtual tours of the ArtScience Museum.

From there, the resort never stopped as it still has several upgrades that are currently in the works. Some are the outcome of a deal reached with the government to maintain its duopoly in the nation, while others are a consequence of an initiative spearheaded by the firm to offer MBS a fresh face.

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