The Gaming Industry is now divided in different genres but two of the rising genres right now is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Real Time Strategy (RTS). MOBA is a game genre wherein the players are divided into two teams and usually, the teams are consisted of 5 members each.

Each player will pick a character and control it throughout the game. Both teams will strengthen their characters through battles and actions. Both teams has their own base in MOBA and the first team to destroy the other’s base, they win.  DotA, HoN, and LoL falls under this genre. In RTS, the player is responsible for creating his units and base. The player will build his own base and nurture it by gathering his own resources. With enough resources, the player will be able to create units and upgrades. Technically speaking, almost everything is under the player’s control.

With the popularity of these two genres and with a little similarity in their concept, I started to wonder which is more complex or which is more challenging between the two.  Both needs map awareness skills and situation comprehension skills. Please note that the opinions expressed in this article is from the author alone, and does not represent as a whole, nor reflects that of the others in any way.

MOBA is the Trend Today

MOBA needs more in-game knowledge because every character in the game has their own strengths, weaknesses, items and skill builds. The strategy for the game will depend on the lineup of both your team and the opponent’s team. MOBA requires teamwork. Being a good support is a skill. Being a good leader and being a good drafter can be considered as skill in MOBA as well. The fame of MOBA is undeniably high for there are a lot… like A LOT of international tournaments being held annually. There’s this League of Legend’s World Championship wherein the prize pool went up to $2,050,000 last year and DotA 2’s The International with a whooping prize pool of $2,874,407 last year as well.


RTS is Alive and Well

RTS, however, requires more practice and a lot of micromanagement skills. Like a lot. A lot of micromanagement skills. Yeah. A lot. Did I mention that it really requires a lot of micromanagement skills? I mean, imagine controlling multiple units and nurturing your base at the same time. Building structures and creating units there while scouting for possible base expansions and exploring the map to know the location of your opponent. This genre basically requires both speed and multitasking. Don’t forget that the strategy will also depend on the enemy’s base build and units that’s why you need to know the location of your enemy as early as possible. But practice is the key. Keep practicing and you’ll be good in this genre. International tournaments for this genre are being held annually as well like StarCraft II’s World Championship Series Global wherein the prize pool is $250,ooo and the prestigious Intel Extreme Masters World Championship with a winner-takes-all prize pool of $100,000!


Both games has its own complexity and skills are need to overcome those complexities. But sometimes, acquiring skills depends upon an individual’s interest. So one’s interest will be a big factor in which genre he will excel. What about you, guys? What do you think is more complex and requires more skill? Which of the two genres are you interested more? Anyway, we will see actions of these two genres in the upcoming SMM Philippines‘ Cyberslam this coming May 24-25 2014 at the Annex Event Center, SM City North EDSA.

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