One of the world’s leading PC gaming hardware brand, MSI, joins forces with esports brand EVANGELION e: PROJECT (EVA e:PROJECT)to  bring gamers and Evangelion fans something extraordinary: a chance to build an Evangelion Unit-01 (also known as Eva-01 Test  Type) themed PC that fans will drool over.

“EVANGELION e: PROJECT” is a new e-sports brand that incorporates the world view and design of Evangelion into gaming devices  and PC peripherals. This is its first E-Sports-related partnership, which has caused a flurry of interest ever since its announcement.

The design of the EVANGELION e:PROJECT collection is inspired by the original “EVA-01 TEST TYPE” of EVANGELION. MSI has  incorporated the famed “EVA-01 TEST TYPE” classic purple and green colors into four products –a motherboard, AIO liquid cooler,  power supply, and a PC case – allowing gamers and Evangelion fans to build the ultimate EVA-01 TEST TYPE -themed Gaming PC.


A stunning limited-edition MAG B660 TOMAHAWK EVA e:PROJECT motherboard takes centerstage with a unique EVA-01 TEST TYPE  design and color scheme.

MSI Evangelion e Project PR 3

The Extended Heatsink also shows off the famed ‘NERV’ logo. You’ll even find the Matisse EB font of EVANGELION making its  appearance across the motherboard. MSI’s Mystic Light also offers an exclusive EVA lighting effect for a bit more flair– allowing you  to link all your RGB with a single click to show off the gorgeous EVANGELION colors.

All-In-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler: MAG CORELIQUID C240 EVA e-PROJECT

The MAG CORELIQUID C240 EVA e:PROJECT All-in-One (AIO) Liquid Cooler is another core component of this series , featuring the  EVA-01 TEST TYPE as the main design.

MSI Evangelion e Project PR 4

The cooler’s water block combines gorgeous ARGB lighting and purple highlights to bring out the image of EVA-01 TEST TYPE.  Furthermore, the water block also prominently features the NERV logo.

Power Supply: MAG A650BN EVA e-PROJECT

The MAG A650BN EVA e:PROJECT Power Supply Unit (PSU) is ready to power up your Gaming PC by delivering stability and excellent  power efficiency to EVANGELION fans. It incorporates the familiar colors of EVA-01 TEST TYPE into the outer cover and the fan grille  of the power supply.

MSI Evangelion e Project PR 2


Last but not least, you’ll find the limited-edition MPG GUNGNIR 110R EVA e-PROJECT case. A purple and green color scheme  complementing its sleek design makes it reminiscent of the EVA-01 TEST TYPE. A gorgeous tempered glass side panel features the  familiar official font of Evangelion, while the other side panel of the case showcases an illustration of the EVA-01 TEST TYPE.

MSI Evangelion e Project PR 5

MSI will officially launch these EVANGELION e:PROJECT Gaming PC components in May. To add onto the excitement, we’ve also  partnered with Intel and Kingston to build a powerful gaming rig equipped with the latest Intel® 12th Gen processor and Kingston  FURY Beast DDR5 memory for you to win. Complete quests for a chance to walk away with the grand prize!

Please head to the MSI X Evangelion e:Project campaign page for details.

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