Nvidia has been into some kind of hot water for the past few weeks, which started from the GTX 970 fiasco with the “3.5GB + 500 MB” memory allocation issue. Now, Nvidia is into some sort of troubled water again from its customers by disabling overclocking support on their latest mobile GPUs via a driver update.

Nvidia GTX 980M GPU

The driver update in question is the GeForce Game Ready Driver 347.52 WHQL. It is a driver update that is marketed to enhance the performance of Nvidia based graphics cards with the recently release game, EVOLVE. But, it turns out that it is not the only reason why the driver has been released.

Of course, overclocking a mobile GPU comes with a caveat, since it may damage components which are not designed to be overclockable. According to Nvidia, the GTX 900M, specifically the GTX 980M, has been riddled with a “bug” that enables it to be overclocked. Such a statement could be plausible, but since vendors such as ASUS, who upgraded the cooling units of their mobile gaming devices with the GTX 980M inside, overclocking is achievable; Adding the fact that overclocking does not always equate to increased voltage – just the frequency, and the GPU could throttle down itself if necessary.


Are you an owner  of a GTX 980M powered gaming notebook? Are you willing to sacrifice overclocking to update your drivers if the deemed performance gain is reasonable without it?

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