OCBASE has launched a significant update to OCCT, introducing new features and performance enhancements in the latest v13.0.0 release.

Essentially, the v13.0.0 update includes revamped communication between tests, paving the way for an upcoming Linux edition. A new “Combined” test feature allows multiple tests to run in parallel, though users are warned against running CPU and Memory tests simultaneously due to resource competition.

The startup time of OCCT has also been significantly enhanced, especially for older system setups, ensuring a smoother and faster launch experience. This improvement is particularly beneficial for users with legacy hardware who previously faced longer loading times. Additionally, the new version now incorporates advanced mechanisms designed to handle interactions with antivirus software more effectively.

These new mechanisms prevent antivirus programs from locking or purging temporary files, which was a common issue that could disrupt the operation of OCCT. This update ensures greater reliability and stability when running the software, providing a more seamless experience for all stability testers.

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The UI has also undergone a major facelift, and now reduces CPU usage and introduced a refreshed brand identity. Testers may now choose between Direct3D and OpenGL as rendering options, with a workaround provided for Nvidia card flickering issues.

OCBASE OCCT v13.0.0 Release Notes

This update marks a substantial improvement in OCCT’s functionality and user experience. Read the full list of changes for the v13.0.0 release below.


  • Revamped the communication between tests for reactivity and robustness, paving the way for the upcoming Linux edition.
  • Introduced the “Combined” test, allowing multiple tests to run in parallel. Note: Running CPU and Memory tests simultaneously is not recommended as they compete for resources; using CPU + RAM is advised.
  • Greatly improved OCCT’s startup time, especially on older setups.
  • OCCT now works around issues with some antivirus software that lock or purge temporary files before use.


  • Updated the underlying technology of the UI, leading to major re-implementations and paving the way for future improvements. The CPU usage of the UI is now lower than ever.
  • Refreshed the brand identity and appearance of the UI to reflect the new branding, making OCCT look better than ever.
  • Added a choice between Direct3D and OpenGL as renderer options. Direct3D is the default but has flickering issues with Nvidia cards due to a long-standing bug. Switching to OpenGL avoids this issue but increases RAM usage.


  • Updated the monitoring engine.
  • Added VRAM usage support to the top monitoring bar.
  • Fixed the ability to disable the “Physical memory used” sensor in the table.


  • Split the CPU test into CPU and CPU+RAM tests to better specify the components being tested.

Memory Benchmark:

  • Introduced a new mode for the Latency & Bandwidth benchmark, testing various data set points up to 1 GB, providing full curves for identifying breakpoints.


  • Major updates to the HTML report, including graphics, technology, and memory usage.
  • Improved the HTML report graph tooltip to accurately report values at the hovered point.
  • Fixed a memory leak that could occur in the HTML report when comparing.


  • Ended the collaboration with CoolerMaster, resulting in the removal of the CoolerMaster skin option in v13. It might return in the future.

OCBASE at Computex 2024

OCBASE will attend this year’s Computex, where they will unveil a new licensed edition of their popular stress testing software. According to our source, this new edition is poised to be a game changer for system builders and hardware manufacturers, offering innovative features and enhanced performance capabilities.

While I am not certain if I can divulge more detailed information at this time, it promises to be a significant advancement in the field of stability testing. If you are heading to the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center next week, be sure to visit the OCBASE’s booth to see this exciting new release firsthand.

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