It’s a question that everyone has to consider. Does the kind of phone you’re using affect the number of people that want to date you? When it comes to the rivalry between Apple and other products, there is a definitive link between the number of dates people get and their phone of choice. We’ll thoroughly explore this topic to show you what to expect on the romantic side of smartphone ownership.

The iPhone makes you more attractive in dating apps

The first element that we have to examine is why people think that having an iPhone is more attractive in your profile picture. Through its research, experts from the this site have concluded that having Apple products in their dating profile pictures significantly increases the number of matches. The most basic reason that this could be the case is that people associate Apple products with a higher level of socioeconomic status. According to research, the majority of women and men enjoy dating someone that has more money than the average person in their society. Thus, when they see a person flaunting Apple products on their dating profile, they’ll know this person has the kind of money that they want in a match. However, it’s important to consider the other element- the social image that you garner from having an iPhone in hand.

What effect do Apple products have on your social image?

What do people think about you having Apple products in your online dating profile? Well, the truth is that the majority of people subscribe to the idea that younger people are more likely to have an iPhone. Older people, specifically over the age of 34, are often believed to use products that are less expensive and also less cutting-edge. Thus, when you have an Apple product, not only are you believed to be a younger person, but you’re more likely to be someone that is willing to pay good money for an image and a lifestyle that is attractive to singles looking for dates. So, the impact on your social image is that of a trendsetter and someone that cares what people think of them and is actually conducive to good social standing.

How the Apple technique helps you stay in the top of dating

Using an Apple product will help you appear more interesting to people that are seeking romantic outcomes. How does this work, though? Well, it’s pretty interesting to see that the Apple iOS is conducive to a wide variety of different applications that exist right now. With more access to dating services and apps, people using Apple products can literally access more people that are looking for dates than people with other carriers. That’s not the only thing, though. The Apple brand is always updating and bringing together people that enjoy Apple products. That is a bit of a social mechanism on its own- some people are so involved with the Apple brand that they won’t consider being with someone that will argue the merits of an Android. They like what they have, and they don’t care about the lesser brands. The technical characteristics of Apple are simply incredible and that facilitates dating app and site success. Not only are the screens large, but the phone connects quickly and easily to the internet. The cameras provide crystal clear pictures and videos, allowing people to get to know one another, too. It’s generally easier to connect to someone from the same phone provider, especially with AirDrops and similar apps. All these elements combine to make it better and easier to date someone with an Apple product.

Apple has been on the cutting-edge of phone technology for more than a decade. They even have the capability to bring people together using dating apps. Whether it is sheer tribalism or not, people prefer individuals that have an Apple product in their dating profile. Not only are they more attractive from the perspective of money, but they’re also viewed as being younger and more attentive to the social realm. With all that in mind, it’s clear that people who buy Apple products get a distinct advantage over other carriers when they include the products on their profiles.

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