Recently, technology has become a major part of our life. It has a hand in nearly everything we do or deal with in our day. There are some talks that robots may be able to deliver things instead of the traditional delivery options available today.

So, instead of going to the postal office, people will just call an automatic travel agent. Then, the robot will come and take the parcel to deliver it anywhere. But do you really think it will be that easy any soon? Is it possible that people will use robots for delivery as simple as they play tetri mania?

Expected Way of Use

The way people will use these robots is no different than using any online delivery application. These applications became common, especially after the pandemic. So, most people will be familiar with them. The process will start by making a reservation on the app. You will determine your location and the drop-off location using GPS. The trick here is how the person on the other side will receive his shipment.

The proposed method is using a password to receive the parcel. Therefore, the receiver will enter a password somewhere in the robot. Supposedly, this password is something he/she and the sender only know. Then, the robot will dismiss the parcel.

Why Should We Use Robots for Delivery?

The advantages of using these robots over humans are so many. For example, robots should be much smaller than cars. Thus, they won’t cause traffic congestion. Also, they will be faster on crowded roads.

The other advantage is that they will cost less money. Although designing and constructing such robots may be money-consuming, the overall cost will be less than humans. Human-based couriers use gas and human effort to operate. At the same time, robots will consume gas only.

Another point is that they can work longer hours than humans. They can work in the morning and night all week long. The only consideration here is maintenance and supplying them with the needed power.

Considerations About Using Robots as Couriers

Yet, there are some unanswered questions about using robots as a substitute for couriers. First, what if the power supply went off or the robot’s battery is 0% while it is on the way. Developers of such technology should consider this possible problem. For example, they can integrate AI within the robot system. So, it can predict when it will go off and need recharging. Also, the robots can be constructed in a way that they auto-recharge themselves to a certain limit.

Another important consideration is what if they are attacked? How will a robot defend itself? Robots will seemingly work everywhere and at any time. They might need to go to rural places to deliver something at night. There, thieves and bandits might attack them. A possible solution some companies thought of is to use drones. They will fly in the air at high speed to the designated place. Thus, reducing the risk of being attacked.

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