Over the years, video games have evolved from an innovation to a profitable industry. The popularity of them has skyrocketed to such an extent that it has spread out to other industries as well, one of which is the casino world.

People, especially gaming enthusiasts, are familiar with this crossover, a reason why online slots have reached the pinnacle of entertainment. However, in the world of modern online slots, classic ones have still not lost its charm. It takes you back to your retro roots without much distraction created from hundreds of pay lines, mini-games and a host of complicated features. What further heightened its popularity was the crossover between them and video games – probably a reason why classic slots by Vulkan Vegas are a hit among players. If you are a fan of such a style, we have collated four of our top picks in them. Check them out in this blog!

Tomb Raider

A mention of Tomb Raider almost always pops up whenever one discusses classic action games. Agree? After all, this, along with the action-adventure – Lara Croft, has revolutionized the landscape of the particular genre. The innovative incorporation of 3D platforming to the regular gunplay not only bore fruit but also inspired the film industry to direct a film by this name and invest in modern remakes.

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So, why should the casino world stay any different? This was when Microgaming – the king of all software providers, rolled out Tomb Raider online slot. The crossover is evident from the extensive usage of exotic locales featuring in the original game. You can check out yourself when you reach the bonus round by landing 3 or more idols on one pay line. Likewise, the classic slot rewards punters with specific prizes on picking from 12 idols on the screen just like the original video game does through treasures.

Resident Evil

Whether you are a movie buff or a gaming enthusiast, you would know about Resident Evil. It’s quite popular among all and with it rolling out, a new breed of horror games came to light under the survival horror genre. The presence of scarce resources and scary scenes has not just given it a classic touch but also gifted players with a unique experience.

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The fun doubled when the online gambling world and its chief game development team – bwin.party introduced players to its slot version. The crossover here is quite evident from the iconography, which matches to the original video game. Another relevant feature that draws inspiration from its accuracy is the fun feature, where you can shoot zombies and trigger a multiplier. This is quite rewarding and transforms the game into a very thrilling online slot mechanic.

Call of Duty 4

Have you ever tried your hands on first-person shooter genre? Regardless of your response, we would encourage you to play Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. While for the novices, it would be a great start to the particular genre, to seasoned players it would be an iconic experience. Launched back in 2007, it has evolved to be the gold standard in video games with its convenient multiplayer mode.

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By taking inspiration from this fast-paced action-adventure, Cryptologic soon introduced its classic online slot version. If you compare the two, i.e. this with the original video game, you will notice that the software provider has taken a cue from iconic elements to improve the overall aesthetics of the title. The slot mechanics also integrates the core features from the original version. For instance, just as the video game flaunts a Martyrdom game mechanic, wherein grenades are dropped in the spots where players die; the slot version too features a grenade pop-up when the reels pause. Such an instance is quite favourable to slot players as it increases the odds of winning.

Street Fighter II

Now, who wouldn’t recognize Street Fighter II! The classic video game, which had once earned a spot in the World Video Game Hall of Fame is responsible for the surge in arcade gaming. Almost every gaming enthusiast is aware of it and fancies the competitive nature of the genre, which often triggers head-to-head battles against other players in the game. Also, it’s widely recognized for its impeccable game mechanics, responsible for the impressive responsive and intuitive controls.

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Given the popularity of such a video game, do you think software providers will leave the opportunity of designing a namesake in the world of slot games? So, it was NetEnt, who took the onus and launched its slot version. Much like the original game, it allows punters to head in for a battle after picking their favourite character from Guile, Ken, Chun-Li and Ryu. Even the bonus round draws similarities with the video game, and you can very well understand so during the combat between your favourite character and the final boss – M. Bison.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane!

Classic slot and video game crossovers are no less nostalgic. These remind you of the original game, its features and all the memories associated with the pastime. If you are longing to enjoy gambling with any of them, go ahead without thinking twice. We are sure you would love the experience!

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