Counteract harmonic distortion and eliminate noise

Ordinary speakers typically have sound defects, or harmonic distortion, within a certain frequency range.

The Tronsmart SoundPulse™ technology is able to counteract sound defects by eliminating any harsh noise; this makes the vocals more gentle, the sound richer, and allows you to enjoy your music for a longer period of time.

Broaden the sound range, strengthen the stereo sound effect

Ordinary speakers on the market generate sound deep inside the chamber of the speaker.

Tronsmart SoundPulse PR (1)

This is hard to spread the sound range all around, meaning you have to be directly in front of the speaker to experience the full quality of the vocals. SoundPulse™ technology allows the sound to be projected from the front of the chamber; this enables a broad range of sound coverage which can fill your entire room with quality vocals.

Enhanced bass effect

A common problem for full-range speakers is the inability to produce high-pitched vocals and deep bass simultaneously. SoundPulse™ technology allows differences in sound to be processed separately. This means the bass can be enhanced while still managing to produce high-pitched vocals.


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