BOOM Esports, one of Southeast Asia’s leading esports organisations has recently secured sponsorship from AMD. In line with AMD’s efforts to push esports forward and support the evolving scene of competitive gaming, this collaboration aims to increase the visibility of esports talent and content, while enabling one of the region’s most popular teams.

The sponsorship will include hardware support for BOOM Esports Dota 2 and Valorant Team’s esports athletes to support their training sessions and competitive matches. BOOM Esports’ athletes will also benefit from increased exposure as participants in the AMD Gaming 2022 Campaign, which includes the AMD Streamer Challenge, AMD Gaming Creators, AMD Game Lab and AMD Esports Challenge. As part of the sponsorship, BOOM Esports will also provide support for AMD through online content creation, and appearances at selected AMD events.

“The sponsorship with BOOM Esports is an exciting milestone in AMD’s ongoing journey to raise awareness within the gaming community and support the growth of esports in the Asia Pacific region,” said Peter Chambers, Managing Director, AMD Asia Pacific & Japan. “By powering one of the region’s best-performing Valorant and DOTA 2 Teams with leading-edge AMD products and solutions, the partnership will demonstrate how technology has the incredible potential to elevate esports talent to new heights.”

Fans in Indonesia, the Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries can look forward to meeting BOOM Esports athletes in-person at upcoming AMD product launches and events in 2022 and 2023. As the demands for professional esports continue to rise, BOOM Esports pursues cutting-edge solutions to maintain momentum in the rapidly evolving Esports and competitive gaming space.

“We are ecstatic to be partnering with AMD, one of the fastest-growing brands in the industry. With their superior products and technology, we believe AMD will be able to give us the appropriate support to take our organization and esports as a whole to the next level.”, said Gary Ongko Putera, CEO & Founder, BOOM Esports.

About BOOM Esports

Established in November 2016, BOOM Esports is a multinational, multidivisional esports organization with top-tier rosters from Southeast Asian regions. We were born from our belief that champions are not born, they are made. They are made from those who thrive for nothing short of greatness: those who thrive to be a beast.

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