To take control of the finance, the very first thing that one needs to do is track their spending. It is only with the understanding of the expenditure hits that it becomes possible to carry out a further analysis to create a budget. Monitoring the expenses helps you to figure out where your money is going and if it is possible to cut back the expenditure.

After checking the income and expenses, it makes sense to create a budget. Plenty of apps are available in the market to help you track your money and create a budget. Here is a list of seven apps to create a budget and monitor your expenditure.

1. Mint: Budget & Track Bills

The Mint app provides users with a refreshing way to manage their money. The app helps its users to reach their financial goals with the help of personalized insights. You can also use the app to keep track of all the subscriptions, including lottery subscriptions like Lottery Sambad. The personalized insight feature of the app indicates when your spending increases or decreases. In addition to it, you can use Minto to create custom financial goals. Lastly, you can use the app to create a budget too.

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2. Wallet: Budget Expense Tracker

The Wallet app is useful for easily tracking expenses. The app shows the expense structure on a pie chart. You can categorize the spending into categories like must, need, and want. You can also include additional categories for managing the expenses of the Kerala State Lottery. It ensures whether you are making the right spending choices or not. You can also create a budget on the app to keep your spending in check. The planned payment feature of the app reminds you of the due date and helps you save money on late fees. The predictive alerts also help the user to avoid overspending.

3. Money Manager Expense & Budget

It provides one of the easiest ways to manage personal finances. The aesthetic chart of the app gives a clear view of the expenditure. The calendar visual of the app gives a bird’s view of the daily expense. Money Manager Expense & Budget is useful in managing three pillars of financial management: expense tracking, personal asset management, and financial planning. The app also helps review daily, weekly, and monthly financial transactions.

4. Monefy – Budget & Expenses App

Monefy is a financial organizer and finance tracker that helps you to manage your budget. Using the app is as easy as making an entry of all the expenses. The powerful chart of the app gives an overall view of income and expenses. The app further breaks down the expense simply to help the spending pattern. This feature is also in understanding key spending patterns.

5. Money Lover – Spending Manager

Developed by Finsify, Money Lover, is an all-in-one money app that is useful for tracking, saving money, and creating a budget. It is an award-winning money management app. You can also use the app to create a monthly budget. Quicken suggests ten essential categories for creating a budget. With the help of a pie chart, the app clearly indicates the different categories of expenses. This feature helps you spend money wisely. The user also has the option of connecting their bank account with the app.

6. You Need A Budget

You Need A Budget is a handy app to stay out of debt. Furthermore, it is helpful to save money. The app works in four rule methods. Firstly, it organizes the finance. Secondly, it helps you to stay out of debt, and it works on saving money too. Lastly, it helps in meeting financial goals. The users also get a central view of all the credit cards, loan balances, and bank accounts. You can customize the app to meet the priorities of your financial goals. The non-monthly bills can also be taken care of in this app.

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7. Intuit Quickbooks

Intuit Quickbooks is the perfect app for taking care of business income. It helps to keep track of business expenses through invoicing and accepting payments. Additionally, it supports features like managing cash flow, tracking travel miles, sending estimates, and taking care of the payments of the employees. There is an option to categorize the expenses. Furthermore, it can be connected with banks, credit cards, and PayPal, and Square. It protects its users through firewall-protected servers, 128-bit SSL, Verisign scanning, and password-protected login.

Depending upon your requirement, you can choose any of these apps. We recommend you try all the apps and then go for the one that works best for you.

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