The vastness of the World Wide Web is immeasurable. With a whole lot of things to do on the internet, most people still spend their time scrolling through the posts on social media. Amidst all the cool stuff on the web, you’ll find some to be useful, while some are simply for fun. While you can use the web in hundreds of ways for-profit and work, here’s a list of 7 totally fun things you can do on the web to spend your afternoon.

1. Take a Tour

With the help of Google Earth, you can zoom across the far ends of the world and visit any place you like within a matter of seconds. One minute you’re at the Statue of Liberty and the very next minute you hopped to Paris. In addition to this, if you visit a place through Google Maps Street View, you can view the streets as if you’re standing right there. Imagine taking a walk around the Taj Mahal while enjoying the sunset from your room’s window. Once you zoom onto a location, you can find images contributed by other users and other interesting information about the place that can keep you entertained for hours.

2. Visit the Solar System

Yes, that’s true. Apart from exploring every corner of the world, you can travel across the Solar system on the web. From the oceans on Europa, the mudslides on Mars, and the storms on Jupiter, you will find extraordinary pictures of these planets. The amazing pictures were sent back by the numerous probes sent to explore the planets in our solar system. When you’re done being a space explorer, you can return to the Moon and watch the Earth at night.

3. Entertain yourself with Documentaries, Movies, and Clips

The web is a haven for experimental creators. From short films to full-length documentaries, you can surf through the topic that you find the most interesting. As long as you follow YouTube’s guidelines, you’ll be allowed to create and post your videos too. You can stream videos of workouts or watch the stealth tactics used by the forces in World War II. However, funny pet videos are the most popular picks when you’ve got nothing else to do.

4. Play Online Games

Be it the early hours of the morning or when the clock strikes midnight, you can find willing gaming partners on the web at any time of the day. Whether you want to play hearts, chess, or any other board game, you can find it in a few clicks. It is pretty easy to find recreated classic Nintendo games, backgammon, cribbage, or Solitaire by Mobility Ware on the App Store or the internet. You can play single-player games as well as invite your friends to a multiplayer game of Scrabble. Websites by Yahoo and Microsoft provide a wide variety of games to be played. In addition, there are hundreds of other websites where you’ll find the classic as well as the latest games.

5. Build a Virtual World

On the web, you can build your world along with a personal avatar that is capable of walking and talking. These virtual worlds are fantastic digital platforms that allow people to log in and build their avatars. Your avatar can interact with the avatar of others who are logged in, and it can often feel very realistic. The most successful online worlds are World of Warcraft, a paid game, and RuneScape, which is a free game.

6. Share Pictures and Videos

You can share your videos and images with your friends and family over the internet. Online platforms like Pinterest and Flickr are excellent tools for you to share entire photo albums with your contacts. Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also provide amazing tools to edit and share your memories with your followers. Snapchat is another interesting platform that lets you send disappearing photos and videos to your contacts. You can also upload stories on these platforms that last for 24 hours.

7. Listen to Classic Radio Programs, Podcasts, or Latest Hits

Some of the radio stations in the United States still have their old programs available online. You can listen to the classic radio programs on stations like Public Radio International and National Public Radio. If you’re not in the mood for something classic, you can tune into the latest hits. In addition to this, you can find informative podcasts to listen to and pass your time. Many sites offer lots of podcasts to listen to for free.

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While most of us are staying at home because of the pandemic, one can easily slip the thought of having nothing to do and get bored. The fun activities listed above are some of the simple things you can do to get yourself entertained. From taking virtual tours, visiting the galaxy, listening to the classics, and more, you’ll definitely kill time in doing them all.

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