Welding is a fundamentally practical technique. We must take advantage of and learn the theory, the functions carried out by a welder and the different techniques and types of welding. In this way, they offer a welder course based on highlighting the professional opportunities of studying welding and the advantages that this sector offers.

How to pick up a machine?

There is a wide variety of electric welds and machines, from which other types are derived, such as electric resistance, tin, electrode or submerged arc welding. In addition to the primitives “solid state welding and brazing.”

Arc welding

One of the best known is arc welding. This machine uses electrical energy to melt metals through heat. This is a type of welding that can be very dangerous, therefore it requires a high degree of preparation to handle.

This type of welder is made up of a metal rod called an electrode, at the end of which an arc is formed. The thickness of these electrodes varies between 1.6 and 2.5 millimeters, and poor work can cause accidents such as severe burns. Therefore, it is advisable to use protection when welding with these machines.

Gas welding

These machines differ in that they have a torch. The gas is stored in a bottle or other similar container and a hose will act as a connecting element between the gas bottle and the torch. These welding machines are widely used to join metal elements such as aluminum or copper, and it is very common in the world of plumbing.

MIG welding

This type of welding is the most widely used and perhaps the easiest to learn, among all types of welding. The MIG process, also known as gas metal arc welding (GMAW) is ideal for joining mild steels, stainless steels and aluminum.

TIG welding

Also known as GTAW, it is inert tungsten gas welding and is comparable to oxy-acetylene gas welding. This type of welding requires a little more experience on the part of the operator in order to obtain adequate results.

This is the right type of weld to use when high-quality finishing work is required that does not require a lot of post-cleaning work by sandblasting or grinding.

Oxyacetylene gas welding and cutting

This weld is not widely used to weld mild steels in general. It consists of mixing oxygen and acetylene gas to create a flame capable of melting metals.

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This type of welding is most common for gas metal cutting and maintenance work, for joining soft metals such as copper and bronze, and for welding delicate parts such as aluminum cooling pipes.

Laser welding

You can also find welders that work with lasers. These machines achieve welding by applying a high dose of heat to the area to be welded and are very useful for welding devices or areas of small size.

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Inverter welding

Without a doubt, the most advanced welders are Inverter welders. Generally, these machines have a size that allows easy transport, as well as a lighter weight than classic welders.

Compared to traditional welders, Inverter welders differ by their duration and the wide range of welds they allow, in addition to achieving greater energy savings. This type of welding has sometimes been called digital welding.

The technology of x-ray for welding

X ray welding inspection is a non-destructive test that consists of traversing ionizing electromagnetic radiation (rays or X-rays) through the piece to be inspected. Radiation of x ray welding inspection is more or less absorbed by the internal discontinuities of the piece, reaching the other face of it, with a different radiation intensity, and impresses a radiographic film, which, once developed, shows variations in densities, being more dark in the area of ​​less thickness and lighter in the area of ​​greater thickness.

For the interpretation of radiographic plates, the inspector must consider the indications produced on them, considering that they may be affected by other causes such as geometry of the piece, defect in the film.

How much does an x ray machine cost?

X ray welding inspection is based on the greater or lesser transparency to X or Gamma rays of the materials depending on their nature and thickness. Cost of the machine totally depends on the nature of the work. The object is irradiated, the radiation passes through the material being partially absorbed by it and emerges with different intensities which are intercepted by a photographic film.

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After the film is processed, the image and defects are evaluated. X-rays and Gamma rays are mainly used in radiographic testing, which are electromagnetic waves that have almost the same physical properties but differ in their origin. These rays have the ability to penetrate objects, and this depends on the type of material, thickness, density of the object, and the existence of defects in the piece.

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