A speed test provides a quick way to check how fast your internet is. It offers an easy way to check whether your Internet Service Provider is providing you with the internet speed it promised. Firstly, many factors impact the internet speed, like limitations in the download and upload speed, throttling rules, and local congestion.

To stay on the safer side, most Internet Service Providers use the phrase “up to.” A slight difference between the actual internet speed and the promised internet speed is acceptable. However, a major difference should be avoided.

The Working Of Speed Test

Speed Test helps you check your internet speed through pings and provides insight into the download and upload speed. Checking the download and the upload speed is critical because there is always a difference between the promised internet speed for the two. Mostly, the download speed is higher than the upload speed. Fetch Softworks explains why downloading speed is always greater than the uploading speed. Globe provides you with information about the download speed and the upload speed. Check it for your internet connection.

When you check the internet speed, a good platform first checks your location and then chooses the nearest test server. After determining it, the tool sends a ping to the server and waits for its response. The roundtrip is then measured mostly in milliseconds. It is only when the ping is completed that the actual test begins.

Internet Speed Test Reliability GP

The platforms first check the download speed. While checking the download speed, the tool checks two vital factors. The first is the duration of downloading the data, and the second is the amount of resources consumed to download the data. The tool downloads more data if your internet connection still has a spare room for more connections. The idea behind it is to check how much simultaneous data can be downloaded.

The next step includes checking the upload speed, which works in the same fashion but in reverse order. Therefore, data is uploaded from your device to the server.

The Accuracy Of Speed Test

It is hard to determine the accuracy of a speed test. The initial problem is usually encountered when it comes to choosing a test server. Sometimes, the test server can be very close and sometimes too far. Also, it must be noted that the proximity of the server can make a huge difference in the internet speed connection.

Depending on the chosen server, different platforms can show different internet speeds. Therefore, checking the internet speed on more than one platform is recommended to get a clear idea regarding the internet speed test. Also, try to avoid ISP-generated speed tests. These tools are often designed for ideal situations and usually choose the closest server present. Sometimes, this server lies in the same ISP network from where you are carrying out the test.

Also, while checking the internet speed, the accuracy will fluctuate if you are performing additional activities. For instance, if you are checking the internet speed while watching a movie, the internet speed result will be slower than the actual internet speed. Another factor that determines the accuracy of the speed test is the connection type. For instance, if you are connected to the internet with an ethernet cable, you will get a faster internet speed. Similarly, internet speed will slow down if you are connected to Wi-Fi.

How To Get Accurate Results Of Internet Speed?

As discussed above, many factors determine internet speed. The question, therefore, is how to get the accuracy of the internet speed. You need to create an optimal scenario to check the promised internet speed. It will often start with restarting your device and router to avoid any lagging issues. Connect your laptop or computer to the router with the ethernet. Choose a good platform and choose the closest server. Also, ensure that no one is using the internet connection, including people, software, and apps. Lifewire also recommends that users clear the browser’s cache. Now run the test. Carry the same test on another platform too.

In this scenario, you will get the most accurate internet connection speed. Even though it might not be fully accurate, you will get a clear idea of internet speed. After checking the internet connection, try to run your everyday apps and software to check whether you need to upgrade or downgrade the internet connection.

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