While ASUS and GIGABYTE had their own hidden cable concepts at COMPUTEX, MSI had their own idea of how it should be done with their Project Zero concept.

The concept is similar but MSI went in simple, relying on the usual PCIe power connectors instead of the proprietary PCB power for their graphics cards. The Project Zero motherboard for example only had the rear-facing headers and ports incorporated into the design.

MSI Project Zero COMPUTEX 2023 3

The Project Zero also uses a concept case (of course) but it doesn’t look that complicated. Note that such design also requires plenty of room for the motherboard headers and PSU cable connectors.

MSI Project Zero COMPUTEX 2023 1

Now that I’ve seen the three hidden-cable/cable management trends at COMPUTEX, it would be great if all manufacturers decided on one standard to use – be it for rear facing ports/headers and PCIe power. If standardization wont push through, the concept would be all for naught. To be honest though, I like what MSI did here along with GIGABYTE’s rear-facing GPU.

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