Gaming is certainly better with a mechanical keyboard around, and that’s what MSI thought with their yet to be announced GT80 Titan gaming notebook.

MSI GT80 Titan Mechanical Keyboard Notebook (1)

In partnership with SteelSeries, it appears to be the first gaming notebook to feature a mechanical keyboard. That said, MSI had to sacrifice space in order for the mechanical keyboard to be placed. The keyboard is comparable to your ordinary Ten Key-Less mech, with a Cherry MX Brown Switch. Next to it is a hybrid touch pad that also works as a numpad depending on your preference. As for aesthetics, it looks kinda weird, but don’t let it fool you as it supports Dual Nvidia GTX 980 GPUs which is nice.

MSI GT80 Titan Mechanical Keyboard Notebook (2)

Screen size is hefty at 18.5 Inches, but we don’t know what’s the native resolution. We’re guessing that it’s around 2560 x 1440 based on other specifications alone. The GT80 Titan also comes with DynaAudio for its surround audio solution. The notebook weights at 4.5 KG. Kinda heavy but it is expected for a laptop with mechanical switches.

Source: KitGuru

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